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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Crack_On, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. I’m hoping to go on SAA (the TA version) next year. My unit have said that I should get on to CMCQ and RMQ courses beforehand. That was all going fine until the CMCQ course was cancelled earlier this year and trying to fit it in now is going to be fairly difficult with other commitments. Bearing in mind I’ll get round to CMCQ etc at some point should I just push ahead and bid for SAA or will it make life difficult for me if I don’t have the other courses under my belt when I tip up at Brecon?
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    CMCQ and RMQ are about running ranges and coaching firing. SAA is about teaching weapon handling. Each can be, and is taught, on a stand alone basis. It is good to have them all, but the order is not critical. Carry on with the course bid, just make sure you are up to the start standards required.
  3. Hi

    On the old course you used to get CMCQ abd SA (B) 90 in the same course it was hard graft and eventually withdarwn from the course and these are now done seperately. I know we have sent guys on the course who have not had these qualifications without problem and they have passed successfully. As I understand it the course is now purely training you have to teach SAA.

    I would say crack on anyway and enjoy it

  4. Cheers, that's what I figured! :D
  5. Freaky Duke so who is controlling who here!! :)

  6. I did the SAA instructors cse 2 years ago.

    1st week is hard graft long days, lots of lessons and lesson planning.

    2nd week is all Marksmanship Coaching (CMCQ).

    So do not do your CMCQ as you will do it there
  7. I did my SAA Instructors Course in 2002 & the first week was CMCQ & how to construct a SAA Lesson then all the lessons was taught to you how a lesson should be taught. 2nd week some shooting & more lessons

    No day off, just used for full revison. on the saturday.

    Loads of lessons the best thing one of our lads did was take his digital camera that had a sound recording button, so he left his camera to one side & recorded the Instructor taking the lessons this was fantastic as you could then listen back to it at your lesuire to see how its done to plan your lesson.

    Also remeber as much as you can as your not allowed a pam or Lesson plan infront of you for the lesson
  8. The RMQ & SAA courses are 2 courses which I'm going to be looking at next year. Is there a rank restriction on getting on either course?
  9. I did my Skillies as a Lance Jack but you should be substansive CPL or Equivilent for the RMQ
  10. You need to be minimum Acting Cpl to do RMQ

  13. and you may well get on the course as a lance jack but considering the fact that your a full screw you cannot take a SAA lesson in that rank.

    any more info please PM me
  14. After disagree with that comment i am AASAA qualified & have been for a long time since 2002, i have been taking weapons lessons as a Lance Jack, working on the Recruit training team for a year & filling in after my time on the team when they was short i also was using the qualification during my trip to sunny climates when i was required

    so you will get to use the qualification as a lance jack.