SA80A2 described as "dead technology" by RM Officer in Globe & Laurel

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gallowglass, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. Article reference here.

    Bearing in mind the number of ARRSErs who frequently speak favourably of the L1A1SLR of yore, I took to browsing around the 'net and I came across this Brazilian version of the FN FAL by IMBEL. A pointless argument I'm sure, but considering its calibre and size, might not a case exist for re-quipping with this beauty...? I know, I know, the version pictured is probably a 'brochure version' which only Russian mafiya types and African dictators would actually want, but it ticks a lot of boxes the SA80A2 doesn't.

    As an aside, I was surprised at the number of militaries that still use the FN FAL or versions/derivatives thereof.

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  2. Career abort mine?
  3. What calibre?

    The mags above look like STANAG 4179 30x5.56 types, but the one fitted looks like a 20x7.62 type.

    The ejection opening looks more like 5.56 too.
  4. An what to do with the SA80? sell the lot to 'Col' Ghaddafi?
  5. Quality journalism as ever with regards to military reporting.

    Edited to add: what are the odds that the hack from "This is Devon" caught a smashed bootie in the pub and elicited that comment in the hope of catching a 'scoop'?
  6. While living in the states I went shooting with my boss who was a gun nut to say the least. His gun cabinet reminded me of the the chap from Tremors. Anyway, because we were in Nevada the gun club were allowed to lets us use full autos.

    Anyway, long story short the had a SA58 which is a compact FN FAL made on licence by an American firm. Loved it and surprisingly the much feared recoil wasnt that bad.

    Work pc wont allow me to post pics but google DS SA58.
  7. "acting on reports that the weapon is too lightweight.." what the ****? I didn't think that was possible as far as an infanteer was concerned?!

    OR they were talking about the weapons ballistic characteristic.
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Love the quote...

    "A spokesman for the MoD said the SA80 A2 "is recognised as one of the best assault rifles in the world" and that a range of weapons were available to frontline troops.
  9. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We know what kind of article this is when we read the following paragraph...

    WHAT?! To the person who wrote this...Are you f**ing stupid? That's wrong for certain you stupid hack. The rifle is too already too heavy and unbalanced WITHOUT having bits attached to it. I do not need an LLM and a UGL to further add to my woes! Though the new foregrip with handle is nice thanks.

    I think Captain SA Jones has been rather misquoted, especially the bit about Taliban fighters getting hit "15 times before dying".

    As someone who has been to Afghanistan, and been in contact or two I often laugh heartily at the way some people suggest (Usually people that tend not to have done any of the above) that 5.56 is somehow a weak and useless round. It's ridiculous.

    It does it's job perfectly well. Yes at long range it lacks a certain penetrative power but frankly if I'm going to be engaging something at 300-400m that has a modicum of protection I'm going to be using something that has a bit more welly behind it! Also given the weight cost and the rate we go through ammunition in an average contact over there I'd rather have the increased ammo capacity thanks very much!

    Though a LIGHTER rifle would be nice.
  10. upgrade 40,42 and 45 and para to c8 carbine or G3!

    leave SA80 for line
  11. Yes because that would make complete sense

    Is there a difference anymore?
  12. Only if you're a 26backdoor-action.
  13. A spokesman for the MoD said the SA80 A2 "is recognised as one of the best assault rifles in the world" and that a range of weapons were available to frontline troops.

    Begs two questions:
    a) who recognises it as one of the best?
    b) which one is the best?

    Not that I want to start a running battle on weapons and calibres.
  14. The SA80 A2 is the finest rifle in the world........that no ****** else wants.

    Backdoor - The only weapon you've ever handled is "Uncle Badtouch's"