SA80A2 Carbine for Armoured troops

What should be done about SA80?

  • Well, we spent millions on it; we are stuck with it

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  • Give it away to the cadets, towelheads or a TPLAC (Tin Pot Little African Coutnry)

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  • Make the MD of BAe and ROF eat every one

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  • You obviously do not understand the procurement process, do you, Warpy?

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  • Deactivate for use as Clone weapons in next & Star Wars movie

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  • Sell them to Yank Walts - they will buy anything with SAS written on it in crayon

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  • It is the best bit of shooty-bang gear we have ever had

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  • Roll on SA80A6 - they might have got it right by then

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polar69 said:
<Insert comment about blue on blue and friendly fire here>

I want one of those :p
Now, now; use your inside voice, dear :lol:

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