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What do you think of the SA80? good points and bad
Would you rather use a different gun? and why


Yeah I probably should av looked through first, sorry.
Ive just heard that some soldiers dont like it and would prefer the m4 for instance. But in my experience its been good :wink:


On the infantry forums some say they would pick the ak over the a2, would anyone here?
Pharscape81 said:
On the infantry forums some say they would pick the ak over the a2, would anyone here?
In its day the AK was a masterpiece of engineering simplicity. Today, it's a bit of a cliche. People say they would prefer it, do so because they think it's cool to say crap like that. In a one-on-one direct competition, the AK would get laughed at by the A2. However, it is worth noting that individual performance was never the aim of the AK. Indeed, that's one reason why it's classed as an 'assault weapon' rather than a 'rifle' such as the A2.

My point is really that you ought not compare the AK with the A2 because they are not the same thing. It's similar to comparing a Ferrari with an Audi TT; yes they are both 'sports cars' and broadly speaking are tools for conducting similar activities but... well, you get where I'm going with this.
one of those as90 things and a crew from the royal artillery I'll have a brew while they lob huge bits of high explosive in the general direction of the enemy :twisted:
long as they don't set it alight things will be cushty seems so much easyier than all that fire and movement stuff
plus for shits and giggles can watch Pharscape81 being beasted over the horizon for calling a rifle a gun :twisted: :D
All these armchair Generals should do two things,

Try firing the M4 and the A2 in sandy climates, and see which comes out better.

Try firing the A2 and the AK from the prone position.

The results would speak for themselves.
Oh_Bollox said:
Try firing the A2 and the AK from the prone position.
You can fire an AK prone!

If you dig a fcuking trench for the mag to sit in first...
Don't be silly you use one of those 'designer bad boy' Liberian militia stances – holding the AK on its side, you do have to wear sunglasses though to give the empty cases something to bounce off.
Only issue that I can think of involving the SA80 is the lack of ammunition soldiers get issued? When my dad was out there he said they had very little, whether the issue has since been resolved I don't know. But what in my opinion if the caliber of the A2 was the same as the AK then soldiers could possibly use ammunition left about by insurgents if they ever got stick in that position.

Badly worded I know but maybe someone will see what I mean.

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