Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mb43, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. Is it true that the sa80 is just a bullpup version of the ar18? And do they still issue the sand colour furniture for the sandpit? :?
  2. Don't know. Never seen a sandy settee in the sandpit.

    Hope this helps :D
  3. errm not really
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    bull pup version of one of the armalite family i think, maybe the 15. Not sure though. Dont issue sand coloured furniture....
  5. anyone know what happened to all the sand coloured handguards that were issued in GW1?
  6. basicly, yes.
  7. interesting anyone know if the ar18 had all the problems the l85a1 had/has
  8. The SA80 is originally based on a proto-type of the AR-15 (well the receiver action is anyway) before it evolved into the top class weapon it is today. I think most of the sand coloured handguards are owned by keen ebayers now. :salut:
  9. shame they didnt keep them the look pritty ally
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  10. over the years the 'ploblems' of the sa80a1 have been blown out of proportion and the weapon system has been quite unfairly maligned, this has mostly manifested from the 'american gun culture' press were of cource anything 'british' (ie english) is of cource inferior.
    the m16a1 was just as bad in construction and relability and absolute pants compered in accuracy.
    since the A2 upgrade the L85A2 is now one of the most reliable 5.56mm rifles that utilises the 'stoner' bolt system and is without doubt the most accurate 5.56mm general service issue service rifle in the world.
    and like any other 'bullpup' weapon is suffers from the inherent design flaw that it cannot be used ambidextrously as required as the tatical cover demands.
    (ie, impossible to return fire from left-hand of cover without overly exposing oneself)
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  11. AR15 had even bigger problems if you think carbon build up in the 80 is bad the AR15 was worse, very difficult to maintain especially when US troops were issued inadequate cleaning kits. A quite a bit of the SA80 takes its history from the EM-2 as well, which was considered as the replacement for the Lee Enfield but we got the SLR instead. Every good weapons has teething problems though.
  12. Not completely true, FN's F2000 Rifle (5.56mm) ejects from the front, it can be used either shoulder, uses the AR-15 family of mags
  13. I know this could be off topic and I am sorry about this, but allot of people from where I am being trained talked about it being heavy, not only that but we do not carry them all the time being recruits.. And I know we will get used to the weight as we train and also get to be bigger lads..

    But why Steel for the TMH and the rest of the IW why not use something like Carbon-fibre to make it super light, or would this effect the kick-back of the rifle.. I am very interested in finding out more about the weapon system, but do not know where to look as a TA recruit, so if anyone could help me out with either of my silly bone questions I would be most happy ;) and thankful to your comments and time.

    Didge ;p
  14. yeh point, the FN2000 is ambidextrous in use, i should have stated 'bullpups that can only be used from one shoulder'