SA80 Suppressor

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wildcard.rgbw, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone ever happened on one of these mythical suppressors I once read about this guide?

    Once asked an armourer and he was skeptical, arguing they sound of the bolt assembley going to the rear would make a loud sound anyway?

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  2. Surely all weapons make a noise when the working parts come forward/ backward. Does that make all silencers pointless?
  3. Not at all. A silenced .22 subsonic round (not a crappy air rifle pellet) a proper cased .22 round, is as silent as you'll get. An auto .22 is a great weapon at close quarters with minimal give away.
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  4. Yes well we can imagine all long rifles making a substantial noise with regards to their moving parts, I was wondering if anyone had ever seen one as I thought the guy who wrote this had wrote it p**sed off his face and used photoshop :roll:
  5. Interesting guide, this guide was written back in 2002 from the post date and its showing additional models of the SA80, a "carbine" model and a "tank model" which looks an early prototype
  6. I am no sound engineer but recently a suppressor maker friend of mine did some testing at my private range for a number of long gun suppressors for 5.56 and 7.62X51.

    Rifles included M16 DMR, M4, M40A1, L96 , Sig SSG3000 and SG550.

    The average Db reduction was between 35-40. With supersonic ammo, this reduced the report of the shot fairly significantly (perceived sound at firing point) but the crack of the round going downrange was unaffected. The value of the suppressor (as in the case of any military suppressor even using subsonic ammo) is to eliminate flash and reduce and disguise the report of the shot (not totally eliminate it) and thereby make locating the shooter on the basis of sight or sound more difficult. Merely hearing the supersonic crack of the round is not as helpful in locating the source of the shot, depending also on the actual location of the observer in relation to the shooter.
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  9. SAI is a Danish based company dedicated to design and manufacture of firearms sound suppressors.

  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Seen all those versions of the SA80 before.

    The suppressor (not silencer) is good kit. Used extensively on ranges and of course not silent at all. Your armourer should know all about this.
  11. Why the bloody hell are we expected to know about kit we are never even given a look at. :wink:
  12. Need to know old boy..... :D
  13. Read arrse!
  14. Or move to the US and you can buy your own (at least for now...)
  15. We TA tend to get taught the bare neccesities of life; a suppressor sounds a little "extreme extra" to me :)