SA80 SA80A2 CARBINE ?????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Newtothis, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. I will admit now that I know nothing so plese excuse my ignorance!

    Please can anyone tell me what the curent British Army arms are?

    I have found reference to the SA80 and then it was modified to an SA80A2 but then I find there is a Carbine too! which is which?

    Is the SA80A2 the same as a Carbine? shorter barrel, additional handgrip at front etc?

    I would appreciate someone being able to give me a link to a pictureor information of the current issue SA80

    Thanks in advance for any help, it would be much appreciated as I am trying to find a replica to place on my sons bedroom wall.

  2. Look at

    The SA80 Carbine is still to be issued:

    Carbine SA80A2 to equip tank crews

    British Army Tank crews are to have their personal firepower boosted with the introduction of a brand new model of the SA-80A2 assault rifle.

    The MoD has placed a £1 million contract with Heckler and Koch to convert 1,400 standard weapons into a new, shorter, ‘carbine’ design. Currently the four-man crew of a Challenger 2 tank is equipped with a combination of SA-80 rifles and Browning 9mm pistols. The new SA-80 carbine will replace both weapons when it enters service in 2005.

    Dismounted Close Combat Team Leader, Colonel Simon Deakin said: “This new rifle is a radical re-design of the SA-80.

    The barrel has been shortened by almost a foot – to half of its original length – a new 20-round magazine has been developed and a forward hand grip replaces the hand guard, making it lighter and easier to store and manoeuvre from inside the tight confines of a tank.
  3. The standard weapon of the british army is the sa80 two versions A1
    and the new improved version A2 .There is also a new carbine version
    You can get replicas of the rifle and the Lsw and the old style carbine
    which was never actually adopted strange enough.
  4. SA80 + Armourer + Hacksaw = SA80 carbine

    Surely they mean; We've found large stocks of old M16 20 rd mags.
  5. Thank you so much for your quick responses.

    Mike_2817: thanks for the links but for some reason I cannot access the ARMY or MOD websites. I found the article you have posted, but missed the point about the Carbine being for tank crew only!

    Thanks also Woody, I have a picture of what is claimed to be an SA80. Hopefully it appears as I will attach it to this post if it is not here, please look at this link and can you tell me if the A2 version is similar in looks to this.

    Thanks to Armourer too! I love your suggestion but I can buy a replica Carbine for only £59.99 delivered and an SA80 for £65.94!

    If anyone knows where I can buy a cheaper replica, please let me know.

    many thanks again


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  6. Thats an sa80 the diffrence between the a1 &a2 is mostly internal and the
    cocking handle which is on the other side .Its also got the heckler koch trade
    mark stamped on them .if the replicas were good enough for soldier soldier & dog soldiers good enough to hang on the wall :lol:
  7. 307

    307 War Hero

    Sorry to be a spotter, but there's not actually such a weapon as the SA-80, it's a family of weapons. You have the IW, IW carbine version and the LSW. Go the whole hog and get your son a deact. rifle to play with!
  8. Many thanks for all your help, you have helped me greatly.

    Good Luck everyone
  9. Yeh and its not a gun its a rifle!!

    What ever.

  10. Where can i get a sa80 deact from?
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Wrong!! It's a peice of S***!!!!!! :lol:
  12. From your local ACF!
  13. SA80 carbine? Here's one I made earlier!


    Oh hold on...