SA80 Replacement?

Its here sooner than anyone thought and sports some new innovations including a novel "flintlock" firing mechanism designed to iron out all those troublesome firing pin breakages.


In accordance with our forward thinking procurement policies, I thought we were procuring the ST90 weapon systems or, as they're better known, Stone Throwing for the 90's.
Great news! All they have to do is choose a couple of letters and a number representing a decade 20 to 30 years in the future and then by the time it comes in it will seem as if it is up to date even though its taken twenty years in procurement!

T[inny]S[hite] 30 for instance
I have heard that it will be German Heckler-Koch G36

Replacement of SA80 will start this year.
now the SA80 has been upgraded to a2 the weapon will be around for at least another 8 years, if not longer.
theres been rumours that its being replaced by the G36 for years, thats just not true, anything could replace the SA80 at this stage.
Pretty sure that HK has stopped production of the G36 now.To concentrate on the HK 416
ironrations said:
Pretty sure that HK has stopped production of the G36 now.To concentrate on the HK 416

So that would be about right then, we get something that is out of date by the time it comes into service.

come on lets start a campaign to bring back "ol faithful"

a finer rifle i have not had in my carrer to date & lets be honest if you hit something with this you knew it was staying down 8O 8O 8O 8O
Agreed, Knocker...

Always felt a bit exposed toting the R4. At least with the FN there was a chance of sodding up the enemy's day even if he was hidden behind a brick wall or a tree.
lets just issue every man with a gimpy... im sure that with the amazing levels of marksmanship in the army someone, someday may actually hit something... plus it'd be funny to see the look on Corps faces when theyre handed that and told to get on with it.

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