SA80 Op Cleaning Kit

Does anyone know where I can obtain one of the new SA80 op cleaning kits? I dont think there issuing them anymore as I didnt get it at Chilwell or my unit. I've looked on the obvious places like Ebay and some websites but cant find them anywhere. Any ideas?
I know KitMonster does them.He noses around this forum a bit.
Weapon cleaning kits through the armourer? I think not! Try your CQMS.
Take this list to your Qm's department and ask them if they can demand it for you.

Weapon Operational Cleaning Kit

Pouch B4/1005-99-216-9375
Oil Bottle B4/1005-99-192-5206
Cap Screw B4/1005-99-445-3228
Spray Pump B4/1005-99-337-1354
Wire Pull through B4/1005-99-693-0479
Combi Tool B4/1005-99-499-9236
Swab B4/1005-99-215-4193

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