SA80 on Battlestar Gallactica

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by DarkBlueLoggie, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. OK, I'm a geek and quite like Battlestar Gallactica, new series is not bad. I was watching a repeat of Tuesday nights new episode last night (don't usually get to watch it as a) the wife doesn't like sci-fi and b) I'm doing other things on a Tuesday night). There's an ambush when two Gallactica pilots are ambushed by a whole bunch of people of who have survived the cylon invasion and are fighting it out in the hills (each side thinks the other is a human-image cylon), and there amongst the assorted weaponary being used is an SA80. Fame at last...
  2. I thought that's what I'd seen. Didn't it have something glued onto the handguard to make it look space-agey?

    Do you remember the Storm Troopers in Star Wars using the Sterling SMG?
  3. Also used during the pilot episode as the cerimonial weapon during a funeral (sans SUSAT) IIRC.

    Can also be seen in use by the baddies in Firefly.
  4. Star Wars shows Luke S using a laser rangefinder (LP7) as binos - looks over a san dune.
  5. (anorak on)

    The SA80's racked up in Underworld when Kate Beckinsale (drool....) locks the dude in a tooled up flat.

    (anorak off).
  6. And in the original Terminator the humans battling the machines had SA80's as well! :?
  7. Fairly sure those were Ruger bullpups with a few mods. Looks can be deceiving though...
  8. But Arnie was definitely using and SA80 in dress in TOTAL RECALL.
  9. Nope Boothroyd, that was bullpup Rugers too.

    Hang your head in shame, you unobservant armourer, you!
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Must've been a rubber gun.No cocking handle if me memories correct....Must watch it again!
    Oh,just for you ViVictaVis--------

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  11. ^ Isn't that a tarted-up HK G36? Or have I been Wah'd? Probably.

    I remember Tom Baker-era Doctor Who episodes (early 80's?) where the 5.56 Steyr-AuG rifle was the futuristic ray-gun of choice.

    I also saw the Czech Skorpion 9mm SMG making an appearance on Battlestar Galactica. Seeing as it dates from the late 60's that's not bad.

    The oldest "ray-gun" though has to be Han Solo's modified broom-handled Mauser laser pistol!
  12. that's a G36
  13. Didn't the sand people use some kind of afgan/indian musket at a ray gun in star wars too?

    I think the Spanish use the weapon in the picture, is it a G36?
  14. SA80 also appears on the front of one The Punisher comics and the the cover of the tpb Ultimate Nightmare, which shows Sam Jackson look-alike General Nick Fury carring one.
    In "Return to Weapon X" Fury is threatned by a group of Indian special forces soldiers carrying SA80's.
    Does'nt do them much good as Fury kills tham all using only his sunglasses.
    Eat your heart out, Mr Bond.
    Sad cnut? guilty as charged, Your Honour.
  15. Yep. The sand people used Afghan Jezails. Stormtroopers also seen carrying MG34 and Lewis gun.