Sa80 New RIS handgaurd



Saw one of these the other day, would come in handy if you absolutely had to have everything possible attached to the front of your weapon.

Don't know wether you'd need to use all the rails though
a compass...atached to a large metal thing?

...Have I just fallen for a WAH?!

Haha, you would have to be a walt to waste such money. I'll stick to LLM or at worst Black and nasty and Maglite.
Wonder it that is an early A1, modded. Note the mag release catch.

What is the thing in front of the sight? surely that just blocks the sight?
chocolate_frog said:
Wonder it that is an early A1, modded. Note the mag release catch.

What is the thing in front of the sight? surely that just blocks the sight?
The square thing up front is an EOTECH holosight, the one at the back is a nightvision sight, you can look through the NV one and see the holosight.....apperently
According to the latest KiT mag, we're all getting them, along with a new sight to replace the SUSAT, with one of those new-fangled red dots thingmies.
Bad_Crow said:

Haha, you would have to be a walt to waste such money. I'll stick to LLM or at worst Black and nasty and Maglite.
I'd rather stick to not having a fucking bright target indicator stuck on the front of my gat thanks. 8O


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Ive used both and to be honest Eotech(x1) is great for close in stuff but for good solid general duty i think the Susat(x4) is far superior. For quick close in work or mid range they both have advantages but Susat works for both whereas Eotech is only good for close in.
As used by airsofters worldwide - what the feck would be the point of putting a holographic sight (designed for fast target acquisition/long eye relief) through a 'kin nightsight (extremely short eye relief/longer target acquisition). Either a very old rifle in the picture or an airsoft version, and Im sure a defence contractor could have procured a loan of an A2.
Looks a lot less comfortable (therefore accurate) in a firing position, I find pistol grips awkward in the prone poistion. Dont really fancy this - have I just joined the SLR brigade :idea:
Surely after-market ris rails - screwed onto existing handguards are a better idea - what do you really want to mount on an already heavy rifle - torch and laser at most.
This has been posted a couple of times in the infantry forum:
UK MoD seeks further upgrades for SA80 rifle
Andrew White Jane's Land Reporter

The British Army's SA80A2 (L85A2) assault rifle is set to undergo further modification as part of a UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) contract worth up to GBP10 million (USD19.9 million).

A Request for Information (RfI) unveiled by the MoD's Combat Support Equipment Integrated Project Team outlined the delivery of handguards and downgrips to satisfy an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR).

A total of 8,000 units of each item will be procured initially, with the possibility of an additional 15,000 of each system to replace in-service equipment.

According to the MoD, the latest contract includes the design, production and supply of a new handguard and downgrip for "improved grip capability".

The handguard must comprise a quadruple Picatinny rail adaptor system, conforming to Military Standard 1913, fitted to the 12, three, six and nine o'clock positions.

Without necessitating design changes to the body of the existing weapon, the handguard must allow access to the gas parts and fitting of the Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux (SUSAT), Common Weapon Sight (CWS), Maxikite night sight and iron sight without removal of the handguard itself.

The downgrip, which should be easily attached to the bottom Picatinny rail allowing the user to support the front of the weapon - arguably with more ease - must have a bipod function and be able to be folded away when not in use.
Although the article says that the handguard must allow the fitting of the issue sights with the Nato rail, the A2 shown in Kit magazine has a Picatinny rail and an ACOG sight. This model also has a red dot CQB sight on top.

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The Eotech Holosight is rather nifty if you are in a snap-shooting CQB situation. Remember the old Red-Dot sight - well this is better, because you still keep both eyes open, but you actually see the room/target with both eyes, unlike the old red-dot sight.

It's also rather good because you can actually get cr@p on a part of the lense, or even break a bit, but you can still see the reticle through the remaining part, with no loss of zero (hence Holographic to a degree). It projects the reticle beyond the lense itself (or appears to) rather than focusing on the lense, you focus roughly at the range yo are shooting at.

As for attaching it in front of a night-vision device, that's only useful if the night vision device hasn't got a reticle, ie: it's also a monocular.

You are also supposed to be able to use the Eotech if you have a helmet-mounted nigh vision device too - ie: a monocular without reticle.
The rearmost sight, IIRC, is a magnifying sight (x3-4) - no recticle though, it just lines up with the red-dot sight in front of it. There were a few like it at DSEI. Most had a little switch to one side such that they would flip out of the way when you pushed it. Basically it gives you a magnifying sight and a non-magnifying sight on the same rifle and with the same zero.

I think that you can arrange a night sight in the same manner, as mentioned above.
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