SA80 MoD Press Release

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jip Travolta, Sep 27, 2002.

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  1. That explains why it keeps jamming in all those sandy training areas in Germany and the UK!!

    Bloody heap of junk.
  2. Gen Jackson said that it had out-performed other rifles it was tested alongside although he said that for commercial reasons he could not name the other weapons. it outperformed some other weapons, but they won't for all we know it is less prone to stoppages than the bren gun, or something equally up-to date...
  3. OK...
    I must stop whinging about the SA 80,
    I must stop whinging about the SA 80,
    I must stop...f*ck it :mad:

    The Torygraph says it has pictures of the trials in Oman where the SASC are "testing" the A2 while lying on matting on top of plastic sheets.  Certainly that is the cleanest and nicest set of desert combats I have ever seen.... ;)

    Like the concept of burying the rifle and it makes a great photo-op... but... in my experience even the SA 80 does not let a lot of crud in when it has the bolt forward, the dust cover closed and the magazine fitted.  

    Where it all goes to ratsh1t is when you actually try to use the gat like - radical concept here - an infantryman would.  I.e. the weapon spends a lot of its time with the dust cover open, or even with the mag off and the bolt to the rear while mag changes go on.  Grunts might even have to move mid mag change to keep up with an assault or withdrawal, meaning the gat could get buried (try throwing yourself head first into the sand carrying a rifle and see what hits the ground first) with all its apertures open.  I bet they didn't try that with any photographers around :mad:

    Anyway, we're stuck with it now.  Bloody heap of junk.
  4. Seemed a fair trial to me.....the rifle got quite a kickin' during the battlefield missions....
  5. It's academic.  We're stuck with it.  

    Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade to a 9mm pistol in the near future anyway.
    Good news for the left-handed though - according to the Guardian.....,11816,799966,00.html

    Tw*ts! ;D
  7. Nope Eagle,

    Guardian's right, I have heard that all left handed people are going to be transfered to the RAF. There, they will be able to use their left hand to "do things" and insert their right thumb up their bum!


    I hear the best bit of the press conference was when a smart-ersed boot-neck demonstrated the new cleaning regime to the assembled hordes of journo-scum and then announced "There you have it ladies and gents, it's so simple even YOU could remember it".

    'Played fella!
  8. Hehe...

    But have DCC(A) handled the press release and images properly?....  I've yet to see any news websites using actual pics of the Oman demo.....tch, amateurs!!!  ::)

    I await the papers tommorow with some reservation! :(

  9. And I wasn't disappointed........absolutely zip..... :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Don't know why I bother....... :mad: :mad: :mad:
  10. ROS

    ROS Clanker

  11. Kind of surprised that General Sir POD put his name to that. I'm suspicious it's actually him, cos I've read the whole thing from end to end, and there isn't one F-word in it  ;D

    But if the Dark Lord says we can go to war with it (subject to correct maintenance, wtf that means) then that boosts me confidence

    With the provisio he actually said it that is.
  12. Quality pic too!.... ;) ;D ;)
  13. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I think this says it all:

  14. Did you see the letter in todays telegraph?

    I wonder who wants to be the next CGS.

    Have they no shame????????

    I thought of putting this on Club Army but I sobered up just in time!!!