SA80 made anymore???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by joeblocky, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. i heard someware that the SA80 is not produced anymore?? i find that hard to believe as if it wasnt, wouldnt the army eventually run out rifles with new recuits joining and rifles need to be serviced etc

    Why wasnt the SA80 produced in civilian format (streight pull single shot) for the civilians to buy?? The M16 was produced in civilian formate for them to it the case of the government ******* hard its own people and not wanting its people to own firearms ??
  2. I'm sure they just re-use the ones that were issued to soldiers who have now signed off.
  3. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Have a look at this:

    The article states that SA80 production ended in 1994.
    I presume spares kits were manufactured too so making up deficiencies would not be difficult.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    That is referring to the L85A1, not the current rifle, the L85A2!
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    It is my understanding that the L85A2 is a refurbished and modified L85A1.
    If you know of the L85A2 being manufactured as a stand alone weapon maybe you could enlighten us.
  6. HK now own the rights so if you rocked up with a million quid I'm sure they'd make you some :twisted:

    but the UK failed to persuade anyone else to buy the original as it was'nt very well made and any way the Uk goverment hates civillian shooters YOUR ALL EVIL EVIL EVIL unless you win an olympic medal then we might try to say something nice through clenched teeth :roll:

    actually it probably doesn't even care about civillain shooters enough to hate them if it did it would probably ban it :evil:
  9. I don't see any market for a civilian straight pull (Essentially a cadet GP).

    What I would have liked is a 22 rim-fire version, essentially a L85 body with a 22 rim-fire barrel and the working parts and magazine from the 22 conversion kit.

    An interesting idea I heard someone suggest is take all the new bits H&K have made for the A2 and put them in a light-weight polymer body. This would give a weapon with all the advantages of the A2 and lighter weight. Since the body is the bit that has not been produced for years this would permit new production.
  10. I would be deeply dissappointed if the tooling and fixtures for the SA80 had been destroyed. OK, this government does not take national defense seriouslly, but it would be very easy to store the tooling for minimal cost, on the assumption that if it really does hit the fan, more weapons can be made.

  11. Why on earth would anyone want a rimfire SA80? There are plenty of terrific rifles out there without having something like this. I also wonder about the sort of person that buys the straight pull AR15s
    I should imagine that it would be absurdly expensive but I suppose each to their own
  12. [quote= also wonder about the sort of person that buys the straight pull AR15s

    why?, there a pretty good, accurate and you get 30 rounds in all
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It was and it was pants despite it being available as an LSW so the sight and barrel were harmonised but hat was removed and the sight bracket changed to allow more traditional scopeds to be used. What killed it was the Canadian market closing to bullpup rifles!
    That was also a mistake as it was a misreading of the regs on that!
    as for Practical rifle well an SMLE is more effective than a straight pull AR/AUG/mini 14 better round and range.
    PR is slightly tarnished by the shooters wearing plod black overalls or DPM. Just a little too walty. Why not join the TA?
  15. Any civilian derivative of the SA80 would be for people who want to shoot the current military rifle but are not able to. I suggested a rim-fire version because rim-fire ranges are more common and more likely to be local that full-bore, and because being semi-auto the drills would be the same.

    Granted, a lot of the customers would be walts, but that is still a market for the manufacturer.

    Servicemen who want to get more practice with the issue weapon could use it, by the time I left the TA I was only getting to shoot 5.56 about twice a year. Also servicemen or ex-servicemen who want to shoot rim-fire for some reason could be attracted to a rifle they are familiar with.

    I also see it as a potentially good cadet weapon.

    Even for the forces, I have never been convinced that the conversion kit was a good idea. You have to re-zero the weapon when you fit or remove the kit, so why not have a dedicated rim-fire rifle?