SA80/LSW Cleaning kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cadet_Chandler, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. wat are the three components on the SA80/LSW multitool for

    i know one is for altering sights and changing the gas setting

    but dont know wat the oters are 4
  2. cleaning out the gas parts of carbon build up
  3. Here is the tool in question...

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  4. Useful point to note - the part marked Gas Cylinder Reamer on the diagram pages one ( is also good with a bit of scotch brite for getting a "shiny ring" on the end of the barrel 8O

    Don't know if it was intentionally just the right width or an accident but it's bloody useful.

  5. The section marked sight adjustment may also be used for loosening Tightening the BFA (Blank Firing Attachment) when fitted.

    This tool is not designed like this as an accident it is the combi-tool because it serves a combination of uses
  6. Not on the A2
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  7. ******* hell trigger - do you work for NASA? Now bore off and go check the serviceability of a wood-chipper with your face.

    Added: Hell of a first post and great thread resurrection you soppy twat.
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  8. Seeing as he first posted this in 2007, I think it's a fair bet that the sprog in question has either passed his WHT or given up by now.
  9. The screwdriver iron sight can also be used to remove the sling loop from the handguard!

    Sorry, I thought we were doing bone contributions.
  10. The gas plug reamer can also be used to make small holes in pieces of wood.
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  11. The entire tool itself can also be thrown at another person to produce an "ouch, you ****"
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  12. With judicious use of a file, you can modify Nos 7 and 8 into a bottle opener. Similarly, a couple of minutes with a small file on the inner part of No. 5 will leave you with a can opener, admittedly not a very good one.
  13. If the whole tool is fanned out it makes a useful door wedge.
  14. you can use it for getting into them really tight crammy spaces on the weapon for example the gas plug on the l85a2 (sa80(a2) even though the Combi is not shaped at the tip as a cylinder like the gas plug, if used correctly the combi tool can clean out all that clogged carbon the resides in the gars parts, i use it for my sights as well, and the Recoil Spring assembly.

    Hope i helped

    Also if anything is wrong with my answer feel free to correct me :)
  15. Hang on... it seems to me that you're suggesting that the gas plug reamer and gas cylinder reamer can be used to clean the gas parts. Is that correct?
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