SA80 - Left handed?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by The_0ne, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Can the SA80 be fired left handed, i understand the casing comes out the right hand side meaning to fire left handed you'd take it in the face!

    Is there a left handed version for the lefties or is it a case of being taught to shoot right handed?
  2. Shoot right handed.
  3. Try it and see.

    Get someone to video it though and then post it on here after :)
  4. Very smart you would look too with a brass gumshield :D
  5. Not just the case hitting your mug, also the c0ck1ing handle knocking out your front teeth.

    Saw it happen on a SAT range once, the lad was ex-tankie (alegedly) he never came back.
  6. You'll only do it once.
  7. It is a good point though, I am reliably informed that there were left handed SLR's avaible. There are times too when it would be more practical to fire left handed, ie firing around corners of buildings etc. which you can with HK 53's and similar weapons but with the SA80 you have to compromise cover to a certain degree.
  8. You can fire a SLR left handed, no need to produce one specifically for that purpose.
  9. The "right handed" version of the SLR could be fired left handed with no dramas at all anyway.

    I'd say you'd need to be more worried about the teeth removing capabilities of the SA80 cocking handle than the flying brass.
  10. Were the left handed SLRs the ones fitted with double sprung LMG mags?
  11. I'm sure there was a conversion kit for left handed firers for the SLR, NI old & bold will be able to confirm, the MOD didn't want tp purchase LH firing SA80s as there wasn't a simple conversion available, so it is just a case of having to use your weak eye & be cack handed when it comes to drills just to pi55 the skillys off.
  12. You can fire the SA80 left handed - but to avoid injury it also needs to be upside down - makes looking through the sights a bit tricky though....
  13. SA 80 the full story.

    Taken from below link:

    The SA80 was reportedly offered with a left-hand conversion kit, but in British Army service is strictly right-handed only.

    Load of guff about SA 80 here........
  14. This is an issue which I can never understand. I am left handed, and never found the SA80 a problem because while you pull the trigger with your right hand, you operate the cocking handle, change magazine etc etc with the left, and it is the left hand which is used to aim it. so while you might hold the weapon in your right hand, most actions with it are using the left...
  15. I thought it was more to do with strongest eye and the sight set up - i.e. the SA80 sights favour the right eye. Right handers usually have more dominant right eyes and vice versa with left handers.