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Hello Everybody,

Just reading a couple of posts on various forums and i have noticed that after 5 or so years after the issue of the A2, there is still a big debate on cleaning regimes for the weapon. As a SAA instructor in a TA Inf coy, i have really noticed that people still stick to there own "tried and tested" methods of weapon cleaning. There has been an emphasis of NOT overcleaning the weapon, yet prior to a PRI inspection, you watch how many soldiers are made to clean weapons and bring them upto a "showroom shine" condition. In the pam, it mentions that in barrack/peace time environments, the weapon is to be brought back to its best possible condition - yet does anyone really have an idea what the acceptable level of cleanliness actually is??? I have been thinking about maybe writing to the top brass at the SASC and proposing they make a video (after all, the army have videos for every other trivial thing) on cleaning and maintenance of the weapon. This way, troops can see exactly the correct way to clean and maintain the weapon. The video can illustrate things like correct cleaning of the gas parts and that they don’t have to be scotch brited to death or maintaining the weapon on operations in hot sandy conditions or being shown what exactly is the acceptable level of cleanliness in barracks/ranges, harbour areas and most important of all, on operations. Maybe this will eradicate peoples mind sets and fads on cleaning as the instruction is coming straight from the top, without unit instructors and the old and the bold diluting/adding fads. Hopefully, the army will begin to sing off the same song sheet in regards to weapon cleaning and maintenance? The cost of producing the DVD won’t be that much and it cost next to nothing to make copies and if it encourages correct cleaning/maintenance practices, must be well worth the investment. Any thoughts on this people?
Do - seriously put in a Gems. You'll get a few quid for your trouble at least. If they take up the idea, then everyone's a winner.
Does GEMS have a website so as to make it easy to submit ideas?

Definately stick it on a GEMS, as an Armourer with a TA unit, i seem to spend enless hours advising people how best to clean the A2. Definately needs something in writing. Even tho everyone was given the conversion to A2 lessons multiple people have 'scotchbrited' the gas parts to death!!

Definate ca$h saving for the Army so should be worth a few quid on a GEMS. go for it!!
msr said:
Does GEMS have a website so as to make it easy to submit ideas?

Just speak to your local LAG, and they will give you the details. There isn't a central web site for submissions (I think!) as each has to go through the regional LAGs (Local Award Groups).

It is worth the effort, even for a tablet (sorry, encouragement award!)
Or if a DVD is too pricey, how about a small, waterproof book, in the same style as the BCD/BFAT booklet, with colour photos of exactly what you are talking about. With all the necessary info..rates of fire, stoppage drills, cleaning in temperate/hot/arctic/jungle conditions etc etc. Gets issued in basic training on the 1157, as the survive to fight is (or is supposed to be anyways). Better yet, DVD/video used in training and ITDs sorry MATTs, and booklet kept by the soldier.

I know the canadian army used to issue such a book, but it didn't just cover weapon cleaning, but nearly everything else you could possible have to do in the field.

Just an idea anyways.
I can foresee D Inf pubs cursing this thread!!!

GEMS galore "incoming!"



I think both ideas have merit, but I do think the DVD is a much cheaper option. Maybe more expensive to set up, but certainly cheaper to produce and distribute.

If I was evaluating GEMS of this nature crossing my desk, then I would seriously give consideration to the DVD.

Go to this page and download the form to submit a GEMS. Their are other links to more GEMS info from this page too.
From a joining perspective, i would personally prefer to be taught from a centralised, CORRECT, DVD/Booklet etc. on how to maintain my SA80 A2.

This is a page with a downloadable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) containing a list of contacts for LAGS etc.

Nice idea, go for a GEMS! Know of people who have submitted many GEMS, well worth the returns. Anyone know a P**e C*****s, talkative bloke, ex-REME? Got plenty out of GEMS! :D

Editted to add that you need MS Word to open the downloadable file.
just wanna say thanks to you guys for your support/advice on the matter. I'll be filling the GEMS suggestion form tommorow. I think that unless blokes on the ground (i.e those of us who actually use this kit) make a loud enough noise, the top brass/politicians (a very subtle difference between the two) are gonna continue to be told stuff that they wanna hear (i.e, "ah yes old boy, the A2 programme is being implemented perfectly and all the troops are being given clear and comprehensive instruction on cleaning/maintenance!! be sure old chap to let the media know!!") - the soldiers amongst us know exactly what i mean. The reality and the picture painted for them arent necassarily the same thing.

Cheers Guys. :D

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