SA80 in use in foreign forces - or WTF?


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Seen this on Facebook and really wonder who or what and why.

It has been many years, but my beady leetle eye says those magazines probably end up on the floor a lot.

oh, and naafi so yes, I would, like a stolen moped.


edit to add : too slow!


Probably a Hong Kong cadet organization.
Given the traditional text on the bottom left, I would say 100% it's a HK cadet group.
Note SA80s:

Got to love colonial legacies:

HK Adventure Corp use ye olde rifle (unlike the HK Sea Cadet Corp on SA80s):
Very pretty for 25+ year old weapons and that's not an RG magazine attached. Ceremonial use only?

Nice that they allow you to choose which right hand grip to use.


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Could they be the single shot version (GP) as well as being 'A1' ? ( there's an ironic designation if there was one. )
The cadet A1 did not have a flash eliminator - so no.
the three girls in the first pic would all get it. whilst stood rigidly to attention
Hong Kong Adventure Corps. Was originaly set up as a feeder group to the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (Volunteers) and continued as a Government sanctioned charity after the handover.

The SA80s are replicas. The SLRs were deactivated after the Royal Hong Kong Regiment was disbanded in 1995.

I spent a few weeks on Border guard with RHKR in 1992. Had to drag them off illegal immigrants more than once. They liked to give them a good shoeing before sending them back to Shenzen
Pixelated orientals? Japan rather than Hong Kong surely?


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