SA80 in the Falklands

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RSupwood, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. I have been reading a thread on another forum concerning the SA80 or L whatever.
    Two posters have claimed that the SA80 was used in the Falklands, as a trial by some troops and in particular by the SAS.
    Can anyone confirm this or give a link for further information please?
  2. No. That would be a load of b*llocks.
  3. If I can remember correctly, the SA80 design goes back to the 70's. D&T started around 75 or 76 with prototypes being fired late 70's, so it's feasible that a prototype SA80 was taken to the conflict. What better way to test a future weapon?
  4. Thought the design went back to the 50's in the form of the EM1, but it was binned in favour of the SLR, only for it to be resurrected in the 70's/80's
  5. That's the bullpump design, of which the SA80 rose from the designs. Many different types of bullpumps were designed, developed and trailed (even France and Germany dabbled with the designs) and from the British side came the L1 etc, blah (can't remember the design number) but you can imagine what the other designs that didn't make it looked like.
  6. Well if they did take it to the Falklands to test it in real grotty combat conditions, why the f*ck did we end up getting it? Which would be the main evidence for it not being there then.
  7. Fook knows. Obviously it wasn't full tested. The Yanks got to test their new M16 under combat conditions and now have all the derivatives from that model, so I would assume that the SA80 was taken to the Falklands to test, but as usual with the MoD, lessons are not always learnt!
  8. Sorry as far as I know this is an urban myth.
    It's an old chestnut that does the rounds.
    I was told it stems from the 5.56mm ammo scales.
    M16s and variants? Yes
    SA80? No
  9. I reckon RSUPwood has been on the Operation Flashpoint in the Falklands moding forums
  10. The SA80 was turned down by the lunatic fringe after their usual trials found it to be unsuitable. I'd agree 100% with archer the SA80 never went to the Falklands with anyone.
  11. The XL64E5 was still in 4.85 x 44mm calibre in 1982. It was not till the XL70E4 in 1983 that it converted to the 5.56 x 45mm calibre
    It was in 1985 that the L85A1 we all love was issued in 5.56mm SS109 (M855) calibre

    5.56mm M193 ammunition and M16's were used in the Falklands.

    But as stated above. NO SA80's
  12. Mike, do you jot down lorry registration numbers too? 8)
  13. I can just see them in Hereford, lads, lads! look at this shit bit of kit from the lowest bidder that is prone to stopages. I know lets take it to the Falklands and trial it when our lives depend on it!! Or perhaps not.

  14. The SA80 was only used in the Falklands by one mob from the RM Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre. There was a thing on the box a year or so after the event, 'The Battle for Top Malo House', in which, among other things, while taking on a bunch of Argie Marines, they blew up an outside loo quite spectacularly with one shot. It was quite well done in that there was a bit of staged action, then they would switch to a bloke who had taken part and he would say what happened next. Their Rupert was a bit perturbed that he had hit his opposite number eight times with the so-called weapon, (he knew they were hits because he bandaged the guy up afterwards), and he still kept coming. Not much changed there then.
  15. jimmy me old mate there was NO SA80's used in the Falklands war, there may have been in the TV docudrama but there were NO, I say again, NO SA80's in the Falklands...argh I get it you're on a wind up.