SA80 gas parts & firing pin spares

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gook, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. I seem to remember hearing that the SA80 is the only personal weapon issued, where you are not issued spare gas parts and firing pin in the cleaning kit. Maybe any infanteers who shot an SLR can confirm this (as I'm thinking they would be more likely to be supplied with these than other arms)?

    But regardless of whether they were issued or not, it seems a bloody good idea to me. On my phase 2 a lads firing pin broke and he was without a replacement for about a day! Now what if that was on ops in some remote place... So a spare firing pin would be a damned good idea.

    Now I'm not sure about the gas parts, although I can see that in a very intense firefight with much firing and build-up of carbon, and no chance to take the gat apart to de-gunge it, you would get a lot of gas stoppages and it'd be easier to pop in a new gas plug & cylinder than have to withdraw (which might not be an option). Similar to each GPMG SF spare barrel having its own regulator and plug, and extra split colletts in the cleaning kit "scraper" (although naturally rifle fire isn't going to be as sustained as gimpy fire).

    Now the question is, where to get such goodies without being put on a charge for stealing them from someone else's weapon? :( The SA80 is available (as the cadet GP version?) for civi shooters so surely they must get their spares from somewhere... And would the L85A1 parts still work in the A2?

    Also what other bits and pieces would be useful? (spare SUSAT nuts etc)

    Cheers, y feliz navidad,
  2. I belive that you may be able to find some spare parts of ebay!
  3. A1 Parts work in the A2 but what would be the point. They took all them parts out and replaced them for a reason. I understand where you are coming from but it is likely we will run out of ammunition or be killed before your gat is THAT filthy...

    Unless your admin is up your arsse and your gat is dirtier than Mrs Blairs Poo Pipe to start with!

    I find a decent can of lube. (Not for bums for engines) does the trick. We Put 24 Mags through an LSW before stoppage. "Lubed it up real nice" and we got another 5 mags through before it went t1ts up!
  4. I Remember hearing somthing that there's supposed to be a spare parts wallet that some one in your section carries...Never seen one though.
    Broke a firing pin on ex and they ended up getting an armourer to drive out to me with a new one!

    T C
  5. in the case of the A1 apparently the lsw man carries a spare firing pin in his roll , due to the fact that in a section attack he chucks more rounds out of his spout compared to the others so he therefore is more likely to break his gat compared to the others . :mrgreen:
  6. 307

    307 War Hero

    I thought that on ops spare parts were issued in the section spare parts wallet, with something like x2 firing pins, a bolt and a gas plug or some such arrangment?
  7. If you really must just next time you go on ops nick them off a chef or something. Be sure to leave the poor b@stard a note saying:

    I have your Gas parts you sloppo cnut!
  8. Yeh one of the DS on my phase 1 (kit-hungry monster that he was!) showed us his spares and that got me thinking - and I quote "now quiet lads but lookie here, see theres a sapper walking around Germany somewhere without any gas parts in his gat!" But I'd like to avoid the charge...

    True that gas parts ain't too important, like you say if you get them that dirty then just count yourself lucky to be alive! A spare firing pin would be more handy though!

  9. You will always get some special creature selling SA-80 parts on ebay, but I thought that it was not allowed?
  10. There are very VERY few L98A1s in private hands, and most are overseas. They cost an absolute fortune, so any spares YOU have would be of more interest to them. They are unlikeley to part with anything to you, particularly a firing pin.

    Possibly M16 or AR18 firing pins could be compatible?
  11. The SA80 in ALL guises is available to those who hold the requisite paperwork.

    As far as the carrying of spare parts goes; I never had anything apart from the cleaning kit for the L1A1, so things haven't changed any.
  12. But you mean spares, don't you? There are no new build rifles as RA Nottingham is now a shopping centre!

    Is there a war reserve/replacement stock of complete weapons a la L85/L86 etc?
  13. when i was at chillwell got dicked as lsw gunner as well as 12 mags got a platic bag containing spare firing pin and extractor assembly . Didnt take it off me either as pushed out off stores too quickly . Good thing really as mate was going to be billed £80 for his set .
  14. Anyone had an A2 firing pin break on them?

    I realise A1 parts are fragile, but the A2 conversion (which is issued for ops if your on A1) doesn't suffer the same depressing fate.

    As for gas parts, I think you'd run out of your first line issue before they need a clean...
  15. Gook if it is that important that you have the spare parts, then i am sure if you approach your friendly armourer he will be able to sort you out!!