SA80 Fore Grip

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by G4commando, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Watching Commando, on the Frontline the other night and I noticed that a few of the troops had a fore grip attached to the hand guard, There was no slid rail on the bottom of the hand guard so its not like the M4 or other US types. Was just wondering if there is a British supplier or is it a completley different hand guard like the old ones you could attach the maglite to in N. Ireland. Any input from our Marine colleagues would be appreciated.
  2. What they have done is as follows:

    Gone to the Armoury and got a spare LSW rear grip including the screw to go with it, and Rifle handguard.

    With the handguard, chose how far forward or backwards you want the Grip to be placed.

    Then screw it into place!

    Then you have your own handguard as shown on "Commando's".

    Hope it helps?
  3. We used to do this when the A1 first came out, looks ally as fcuk but it is no good for accuracy on the range, great for CQB though!
  4. Alot of our lads used them aswell. It was good especially for the lead scout as it allowed them to hold the rifle in the shoulder for longer
  5. As an ex armourer, I was always being asked to mod foregrips, including making maglite attachments. Never bothered me to do it. Often had a free pint for the trouble.
  6. This was buried in the middle of the 'Weapons discussion' thread. Looks like the expedient modifications are about to become official.