SA80 Carbines

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Mike444, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone in the RAC got their hands on the "stubby k" yet. If so what is it like to fire in comparison to the SA8A2.
  2. all rthe rac shud av em this year! i waz lucky enough to trial em... there a gud little shooter
  3. our sqn has had them since nov last year we have had a play but still no ranges for them yet because nobody in our reg knows the apwt requirement for it so we cant fire (so they say) but all in all i can see them getting taken off our sqn as we have cvrts now and the riffle racks aint getting moded for them so just looks like it was a big waste of time if you have a cvrt :?
  4. Yes we used em in kos.

    Big thumbs up from me, not one stoppage and a great size for our kind of job. Not much diff in weight though compared with the A2.

    Never bothered with the 20 rnd mags though but will help with the stowage in a panzer.

    And the grip on the front makes it very stable when shooting. I like em.

    Plus the extra rail means you can mount extra kit on it like bottle openers and stuff!

    Cvrtgunner has got his wires a little crossed ref the APWT situation though.
  5. I'm also wonder when level 12 soft body armour will come about, if everyone get their hands on kit like this!
    I mean if the rebels ain't killing off our lads it's the yanks, and I think all the Reg's will be in for a wallop if this comes about..Also saying that (it was a bit of a joke)
    but I seen some images of an all-over body armour that the Americans are testing out.. or have been :)

    *I will get the link and edit this forum message in a few mines with the URL for anyone who wants to take a peek :)
    Here it is:
  6. Somehow I'm guessing they didn't task you to do the write-up on it though?
  7. ok then if i have my wires crossed how come no one apwt has been run in my reg with them then and we still fire those long things
  8. Check out the "VET" Kos!!! welcome to the VO, your gonna love the VO!!!
    mind you cvrt gunner could get confused easy, after all he did by a french car, Hows yer spoiler? :lol:
  9. As there is no wpn fit for them in our vehicles yet (as you said yourself) then there wouldnt be much point in shooting at APWT and getting qualified on a wpn that we couldnt use, or take them on operations with the vehicles. Due to not being able to use it on the panzers.

    The only reason we use them as a Sqn when we went away was the fact that we never took the wagons ie never needed to stow them in AFV's.

    Pretty sure as soon as the veh fits are available then we will start shooting em again.
  10. thats if there is enough room with all the bowman and bgti crap thats in my wagon :lol: also see what you mean maximum_black about not keeping em

    not everone went to kos on a sunshine tour :lol: :lol: :lol: sorry maximum_black :wink: couldnt resist it

    and anyway the cheep but nice french peice of crap is fixed under warrenty for still 2 more years just waiting to get my wiper fixed now :lol: but at least i aint paying for my car to get fixed thats the dealers job

    ime looking for a audi or bm at the mo anyone selling one pref estate
  11. Why should that stop you? We didn't have weapons racks for the rifle, two carbines, shotgun, and light machinegun we were issued as crew weapons on our tanks (In addition to the pistols). We just shoved a carbine and shotgun in the bustle rack, one carbine lay by the commander's hatch, the rifle slid under the driver's seat, and the LMG was set up on a bipod by the loader's hatch, tied to the turret with cord. No problem!

  12. Oh my god... Hold me back max_black!! Sunshine? I seem to remember it p*ssing it down most of the time...

    I too used them out in the Vo. Dont wanna talk about it much... They were awesome bits of kit, very sturdy and give good groupings. Absolute b*tch to clean though, especially the new fangled gas parts.
  13. no being funny but are you american
  14. I know what you mean Cowhead, still wake up in cold sweats. Its hard being selected to go ...........that means chosen cvrtgunner! were you chosen er no!

    Did come back with a cracking tan though ha ha!