SA80 Carbine

Do we know much about this yet?
I think i read in soldier a few months ago that the RAC had bought some for ease of getting the smaller weapon in and out if the armour.
Just wondered if anyone knew of anymore developments on this?


There was a 4-page feature on it, with close-up photos and specification, in the last issue (April '04) of COMBAT & SURVIVAL. It is scheduled to enter service from October 04 to"fill a required operational need" subject to funding being approved, but the buzz is that funding will be denied as part of the cut-back in procurements to ensure sufficient funding for the protracted operations in Iraq without increasing the defence budget.

Incidentally, the latest issue (May '04) of C&S has a brief 2-page feature on the new 'Safe Blank Firing System' for SA80A2, which consists of a modified training magazine and a better BFA.


Mr Happy

Ahh yes, the old 'unsafe BFA' I remember hanging around with a bunch of BFA's when I was a nipper, they were always starting fights and nicking stuff. No wonder when the joined the army they started being a bad element...

It looks ideal for clambering around armour/vehicles with. Has anyone any experience or an informed opinion about its performance and accuracy?
Presumably if it is going to be used by the RAC it won't have a susat on it?? Also what is the point of showing it with a bayonet? You would get more reach simply by holding it in your hand......
looks quite funky though......
With iron sights it will look pants.

I don't imagine accuracy will be impaired a great deal, the barrel legth is still reasonable.

Not the same carbine I saw a while back. I'm sure there was one with a pistol grip (tommy gun) style beneath the stock.

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OB assume it must be as its the only image I could find.

Whats the point in the other carbine, it only loses a couple of inches, if that if those photos are anything to go by

Mr Happy

1. What calibre is it?

2. With the same iron sights as the A2 (lord protect us) they will be too close for accuracy and you'll get blurring, therefore SUSAT would be the only sight option that would work OR a new iron sight style.
will the medic version have a cushioned stock and be wrapped in cotton wool to muffle that loud noise that it makes when you unload it?


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Mighty_doh_nut said:

Whats the point in the other carbine, it only loses a couple of inches, if that if those photos are anything to go by

I think it went something like this:

"I thay chapth, what thall we do with all theethe Ell Eth Double-you thurpluth handguardth ? I've a thpiffing idea ! What a wheethe it would be to exthtend the thack of thjit carbine tho that it ith jutht a little thorter than the wifle ? We can thave heapth of money, and thpend it on our new pwoject, 'Bayonetth and bipodth for the Pithtol' !

Wighty-ho chapth, back to the meth for tea and medalth !"

Speaking as a RAF type EOD bloke, i can only say this thing looks like a stopgap solution to an ongoing problem. Clambering in and out of Spartans is a pain in the backside at the best of times, especially when you have to do it a lot (It's not llike we fight from them!!). Whatever happened to the idea of getting the FN P90 for Armour crews?

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