SA80 Bore Cleaning Kit - Oil Bottle (old style with brush)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dw192065, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Anyone got one knocking about anywhere?:


    Am after one to keep some axe oil in, found one on the 'bay but at nearing £9, nearly a third of which being postage seems a bit steep.
  2. Why not buy something better? I never owned an oil bottle that held it's oil for very long.
  3. Well i want something small with a brush in so i can apply it easy and this just seemed to fit the bill, only other thing i thought of were cosmestic bottles and they hold hardly anything.
  4. Is there a new bottle?
  5. From what i read the bottle was changed to a different design? that said i'm not in the services so only have t'internet to go by and we all know how accurate t'internet is.
  6. Try a LMG oil bottle, comes in brass with a brush, great bit of kit mine has this

    M.G. MK 3 BSM 1978

    Great bit of kit :)
  7. Got ******* hundreds of the bloody things.

    Like PA says - you're better off getting something a bit more modern that won't fecking leak everywhere. Buy a can of silicon spray grease for a couple of quid. If you want one PM me your name and addy and I'll lob a couple in the post.
  8. Ah yes "Bottle Oil Exploding"

    I'd save your money and buy something that's a decent size.