SA80 (Bombing up)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Discipline, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Out of interest has anyone got under 28 Secs for bombing up
    a Mag with 30.

    If so what was the preferred method?
  2. yes

    Its all down to how you hold it and place your rounds. I frequently show the young uns how it should be done when they f**k up at take over 75 secs.
  3. What????
    It's ten to eleven on a St night & this is what's interesting you.

  4. WAH??
  5. I just should add this is by hand and not speed loader.

    And is the test as per WHT

    loubella ave just shaged the misses and i have a pint in my hand
  6. And i've just shagged a pint and have your wife on my hand!
  7. Better :D
  8. Manymetal what have you got it down to?

    I have only seen a handful of people get it down to 28 secs bearing in mind i am now RLC thats not suprizing?
  9. i've done it in 23 secs quite frequently
  10. If you stop counting them and just put them in you'll speed up some more, duvet technicians forever.
  11. Ah Novelty_troop_tiff thanks for the advice did i point out that i was driving
    at the same time as bombing up/ Dual trade

    And sparkysteve get out of my house and take the pint with you if your cocks been in it

  12. Nope, 28's my record