SA80 Barrel Harmonics


A quick question that I've been wondering about. In basic you are taught not to lean the barrel of the rifle against anything when firing, as the contact of mass with the barrel affects barrel harmonics, or something like that.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon?
When firing the SA80, or similar bullpup design you may notice that it sings. And, like yourself, if something is lain against it's mouth it will alter it's ability to sing...... simples.

No I don't know, and have never heard of harmonics :roll: perhaps somone else might answer you more sensibly on this one
It's not just the "tuning fork" harmonics, but the mere fact that you can actually displace the muzzle by several minutes of angle just dependent on how the rifle is held/rested. If you get the chance, stick a collimator into the muzzle and try it.

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