SA80 and LSW bayonets on ebay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperSnake092, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. just been on eBay and thought id search for SA80 to see where all these walts have been getting their kit from. to my shock not only is the field manual for sale but also a bayonet with no restrictions on sale. I dont know about anyone else but the thought of some guy getting his hands on a bayonet scares the S**t out of me.
  2. Nah a bayonet is just a large knife without the rifle, you can get nastier knives in my local Walting shop.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    You've either been drinking or you've bubbled your real identity - Jack Straw !

    Did they advertise many LSW bayonets ?
  4. Why?

    You'd better not search for 'sword' then.
  5. mmmmmmmmm LSW bayonet ???????? was that advertised next to the 81mm mortar blank firing attachment?????????
  6. bayonet scaring the sh1ts out of you , fecking hell , you must lead a sheltered life, i have seen kitchen knives that can do just as much damage, welded by housewives , imagine an army of p1ssed off housewives roaming the countryside stabbing at will.
    i feel scared now, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh !

    its not knives that kill ! its people kill people, retain a sense of proportion.
  7. ooow!! that looks sharp!!!!
  8. u got a technical wife then i take it? does she MIG, TIG, Gas or Arc weld?! :D
  9. I walked into that one didnt I ? :lol: must use spell checker "wielded"
  10. LOL, look at the parts you can buy, give it a few months and you could build a rifle!!!
  11. very true, it is quite easy to make your own rifle even a semi auto with the right tooling, even if you have to make a smoothbore rifle , using a steel tube,some springs, a piece of steel shaped into a trigger, a nail, a cylinderal block to fit at the end of it and drill a hole though it for the trigger+spring+nail +lever to operate bolt and lock it down on a groove shaped into the wooden stock,, , fit a suitably shaped wood as a stock.

    p1ss easy and i know of stories about gangs actually running their own amoury with the right tooling to cut a thread/twist in the tubing, its surprising how many oridnary house hold items can be used. it may not be heckler koch as far asthey are concerned it works,

    so tell me Mr Blair how does the Gun laws banning rifles and handguns is going to help the ordinary shooter ?
  12. Isn't a rifle without rifling more commonly known as a gun?
  13. as in shotgun , guess so
  14. For Gods sake get a life and have a look in your own kichen to see nastier weapons of destruction, at least their sharp!
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I've seen in my neighbour's house - he has loads of fecking HUGE knives !
    In the same room he keeps equipment that can give savage burns and scalds !

    In a secret cache he refers to as his 'garden shed' he's even got...

    - *GULP* -


    shovel !


    This nutter is equipped to torture, kill and bury people !
    There should be a law against it !