Sa80 A3?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Flight, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Heard a rumour that the A3 is going to be similar to the LSW only with a longer barrel (effective out to 900m) and a telescopic sight; roled for sharpshooter use.

    Anyone got any definite intel?
  2. yes it will have a 9 foot barrel and 5 foot long bibod legs with optional wheel attachments slicks or x-country depending on the terrain.
  3. saw a vid from bbc on another thread showing the SA80 but looked the same accept for the sights which had a telescopic sight with red dot sight on top not sure which thread it is. also where did you hear the rumour??

  4. Why?
  5. You do know that the sights can be taken off right?
  6. :D
  7. Shhh! If you change the sights and the handguard it becomes a totally new weapon system.
  8. Nope, sounds b*llocks though. But hey what do I know?!
  9. So if I stuck a Minimi rearsight onto the A2 would that make it an A4?
  10. Wonders if you may have only just seen the A2 but with the ACOG fitted, you do know they are being used in the far off sandy places dont you!!!!!

    As for the original post, is it not the old L96 that is now going to 'Sharp Shooters'.

    I may be wrong comming form a Corps.
  11. You mean you haven't done that already? Tsk, get with the times.

    I also heard that their scrapping the SA80A2 + A3 + A4 and infact giving us ray guns. They will be the SA80A5.
  12. the nu sight would b is bing introduced now! they r getting rid of the iron sights.
  13. I broke that little bit of plastic by the Gas parts on the UGL that stopped you getting your gas plug out. Oh and fitted a CWS.

    Surely this is an A6
  14. The L96 is getting a 30rds mag, bayonet and some gas parts. Thats going to be the L96A2
  15. I can't see them getting rid of the iron sights completely. Maybe on Ops but not from Phase 1 establishments.