SA80 A2

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Apr 13, 2005.

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  2. We are getting ours in mid May
  3. The rumours I have heard we are going to get ours soon but there will be a few catches (As usual).

    No PAMS (As there are new drills)

    But the worst thing seems to be around that the A1s are getting sold to Third World Countries.

    Suppose it helps if you invade a country armed with a weapon that doesn't work!
  4. AMS - already had them for approx a year (albeit with the same sights we had to remove from the A1s). As for the PAM, it's on the infantry disc in battlebox which should be lurking in your unit somewhere
  5. Ah but once again there are parts of the PAM which the SASC now infrom us, are out of date.

    But don't they update the PAM?
  6. We have the PAMs, the vid's and all the other gubbins, now just need some of the Bunhooks to train the instructors with before letting the rest of the lads have em!

    Hoping in the next few weeks.
  7. Had our A2's for about 18months
  8. I would be surprised if the A1s are being sold (unless it is a face saver i.e. the country buys them but HMG gives them the money). I heard no-one bought them first time around making it the only assault rifle that had no market except for the army or the country of origin ( I heard some floppies nearly bought them but at the schmooze dinner a pissed up member of the demo team told them what it was really like).

    Mind you would you buy it if given the choice?
  9. Just out of interest, what are the differences with the A2? Assuming it's not a state secret and could cause the collapse of the free world of course...
  10. I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you, only not with an A2 :wink:
    I do know its got a different shaped cocking handle to stop empty cases ******** *** it :D

    * state secret part :twisted:
  11. It's got a different cocking handle, different springs, new Gas Parts, New Hammer, New buffer, New Mags pretty much new everything.

    Point to note is that the A1 and A2 parts are not interchangeable and Rifle & LSW parts are not interchangeable either. So if your LSW breaks during an attack, you're f*cked.
  12. Do the mags still distort if you look at them for too long?
  13. No, much stronger.
  14. You can beat people to death with the new magazines.
  15. But not the rifle :wink: