SA80 A2 information

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by rbarnes182, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. Has anybody got any info about the SA80 A2, like blueprints and materials used to make the thing? thnx guys
  2. Yep - you find out loads of cool things in basic training. :?
  3. You're not by any chance related to Ling, are you? Or perhaps you just want to make one for yourself?
  4. ummmm no, im 17 and will be joining the forces next year, for a-level i am doing a product study on an SA80 A2, i thought this would be a good product to study as i will be handaling one very soon and relying on it in the neaar future
  5. Better get a spell-checker before then.
  6. Nice coment LARD i'm not trying to spell the correct way just trying to get some info my little friend :twisted:
  7. rbarnes,
    a lil tip for you, always keep back 3 feet or so from your firing buddy, hot cases down jackets when under fire are not good news.
    the A2 is a beautiful piece of hardware, look after it, and it will look after you.
    Dont get caught doing this either... but a Tiny drop of oil on the gas plug allows for easy removal of carbon after firing. :D
    good luck. keep the chin up and your head down and you'll do fine.

  8. From the link above, "Keep bakelite hand in front of the weapon, perforated of six holes for the evacuation of gases"
    I was always told that the grip was made of plastic, made my the people who brought us the Barbie Doll. Just a rumour then I guess.
  9. What idiot would think the A2 is beautifully crafted? It's an overwieght piece of crap. I'm in Iraq at the moment and half the weapons jammed after just 10 rounds on the range. These weapons were cleaned perfectly before firing, we tried with and without oil and had the same results. The final straw was when the trigger on my rifle stopped working. I now have to check it's fixed today or I won't be going out on the next op (guess there is one good thing about the rifle). Give me an M4, G36 or any other modern rifle any day; while your at it get rid of those other unreliable pieces of crap: my OC, my CSM, the snatches, the camp generators and the bone Ops.

    (Someone left themselves logged onto this computer so im not the user listed on the left)
  10. Of course you're not! :D :D :D

  11. :D
  12. LOTS of oil. Worked for me. Oil slick inside, dry as dust outside - not one stoppage in six months.
  13. We tried loads of oil and it was still unreliable. The problem was the rifle wasn't picking the rounds up out of the magazine so the weapon would fire and cock itself but not pick up the round. Hopefully it was the range magazines that we were using but either way the A2 mags were designed as part of the weapon system.