SA80 A2 in a video game?

Just a question, are there any games out there that let the player use british military equipment like the SA80, PLCE, etc rather than always playing the yanks?
Combat mission Shock force: British forces

There has been several games (not good ones either) with the SA80 in, eg, Rainbow Six etc.
I agree.
British army, in most of its glory, circa mid 2008.

None of those chaps with funny coloured hats though.
Battlefield 2 - unlock the SA80 for the medic

Project reality - tons of British stuff in there I believe.
Killing Floor - which is a team v zombie shooter has CS 95 styled uniform/cop vests and the SA80 Bullpup as an option.
Word on the grape vine the SA80 will be appearing in the new Call Of Duty game 11th November release date i think...
Pac Man 3
Warrock had an SA80, one of the Delta Force games was going to have one but they dropped it.

A few RTS' have SA80s as the primary weapon for British troops.

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