SA80 A2 in a video game?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by tiny_recy_mac, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Just a question, are there any games out there that let the player use british military equipment like the SA80, PLCE, etc rather than always playing the yanks?
  2. Combat mission Shock force: British forces

  3. There has been several games (not good ones either) with the SA80 in, eg, Rainbow Six etc.
  4. I agree.
    British army, in most of its glory, circa mid 2008.

    None of those chaps with funny coloured hats though.
  5. Is there an SA80 in Call of Duty:Modern War or did I dream it?
  6. Battlefield 2 - unlock the SA80 for the medic

    Project reality - tons of British stuff in there I believe.
  7. yea i think theres an LSW also :D
  8. in the new modern warfare ive just seen the LSW but i kno it was in rainbow six vagas 2
  9. Killing Floor - which is a team v zombie shooter has CS 95 styled uniform/cop vests and the SA80 Bullpup as an option.
  10. Delta Force has one
  11. Combat Arms has L85A2 but you have to pay for it, occasionally given as prize.
  12. Word on the grape vine the SA80 will be appearing in the new Call Of Duty game 11th November release date i think...
  13. Pac Man 3
  14. RainbowSix erm...........3 i believe had the L85A2 in it, oh and RainbowSix Las Vegas 2 has it aswell.