SA80 A2 familiarisation

Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. just come back from a weekend of conversion training on LSW and SA80 A2

    Trained and fired the SA80 quite impressed and consider it a useful training tool for target shooting, the drills is exactly the same as the LSW, although you don't need to forward assist as the spring is just as strong, you have to include it in the training because it is in the Training Manual.

    from what I understand the LSW and GP will be withdrawn and replaced by the A2 with the change lever set permanently to "R" for Cadet use only.
    the cadets needs to be aware that there is more of a recoil with this one as the gas piston kicks backward unlike the GP.

    as far as I am aware the GP has until 2010 before needing urgent replacement due to wear and tear along with limited spares, eventually there will be too few GPs to continue viable training.
    The big question is when the changes will be coming in, my guess is as good as yours, it can only be a good thing, once implemented.
  2. The drill is still forward assist though (PAM 5).
  3. of course, thats why I said you still have to do it as per the training manual, even though it is not needed in practice.
    even the the DS said the army doesn't change, if it has always been done that way , that way it will be done.
  4. Firing the A2 and the GP I'd say the recoil isn't much bigger as long as you have a proper grip on the rifle.

    My detatchment has been promised them around 2009.
  5. Seconded, why do children need the A2 , in my day we had to make do with the SLR and the .303...........oh hang on, bad argument !
  6. I have to say, I can't see how we can equip cadets with an assault rifle, currently the Eu and UN are making moves against child soldiers and the UK as part of the EU has signed up to a convention that forbids the arming of children under 16. DPM, L85, Beret and webbing= soldier.
  7. Seems daft to me, giving out such weapons to children.

    Just let 'em use bolt actions. It is only to teach them shooting is it not?
  8. Agreed, what happened to the old No8s?
  9. No8s are going at the end of the year ,being replaced with off the shelf .22 target rifles,green stock for ACF,dk blue for SCC and lt blue for ATC.Bringing the L98A2 ,as it will be called,in will IMO be safer than the thrown together disaster thats available now as weaker cadets can have problems cocking it and holding it under control to lock the working parts back ,at least with the A2 the strong hand will not leave the pistol grip so the weapon is permantly under control and as an RCO and WI that seems a lot safer to me.
  10. L98a2 is "supposed" to be issued to the SCC this year.

    Number 8 rifle is going and i havn't heard anything about a replacement .22 wise. Hope what RUCFOREVER is true.
  11. Whats the point you dont even get that many rounds anyway.Im shure the money can be put to better use.
  12. Won't this be cheaper for the army anyway? L98A2 will have commenality of parts with the L85? Or doesn't it work like that?
  13. On an asside i have seen some weapons in an god aweful state.
  14. Finding this thread quite interesting I musy say, thought there are a few things that concern me.

    1. When I went back to my ACF battalion last summer after leaving to join the Army, we had a number of A2 LSWs to use. No one knew the correct drills for them and were doing things that were either not necessary or completely wrong (I've noticed someone here say that you don't need to forward assist. You DO forward assist, as it is in the drills. The forward assist is incase of any dust or sand stopping the bolt face engaging correctly and has nothing to do with the strength of the spring. That's why many weapons system, like the M16 and C7 all have forward assists as part of the drills).

    2. The lack of adherance to regs is also concerning me. The subject of TRFs is an important one, as if this simple part is ignored then who knows what else is. TRFs are not to be worn by the ACF, so Rfn_Warrior if you are sensible and professional, you'll remove it. ACF TRFs are also unnecessary.

    3. Last of all, the lack of training (unless things have chnaged in the last six months, please say if they have) for adult instructors, particularly the BHQ, on the A2 is causing people to do stupid things.

    4. Cleaning the A2 is not simple and plenty of training should be given to thorough cleaning so that future cadets can enjoy the system

    Any thoughts??
  15. FFS stop it with that sh*te!

    Now back to sensible talk with Nickhere, this has been a major problem throughout the 4 cadet forces. Hopefully with the rolling out of this new weapon and the new standards for WHT's and Wpn Intructors this can start to be averted.

    What i have been told that across all the cadet forces you have to actualy be a weapon instructer to be allowed to teach cadets anything to do with weapons. Gaining this Qual includes demonstrating the ability to use the correct regs with the PAMS and the ability to actualy teach cadets it.