SA80 5.56 Trajectory

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by diggerdaddy, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. Sorry everyone. Having a spaz attack and can't remember the difference in the strike to the point of aim at different ranges. No pams at hand.

    100m=90mm above?
    25m=12mm below?



  2. Why 5m? At that distance you could just reach over and give them a poke in the eye!
  3. I'm sat in a hotel in egypt, if the **** blatting off with his nine mm drives round again will he penetrate my double glazed balcony windows on the fourth floor
  4. Are you struggling with MW3?
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  5. He'd have bloody long arms :)
  6. This info would also be handy for me - I did spend a while trawling through pams a year or so ago in search of it but failed dismally.
  7. I've just picked one of these SA80 things up in Liverpool for twenty quid. This information would be most enlightning for me, also when a Rozzer is wearing one of those daft tall helmets, at what point in the helmet does his head stop? Just out of curiosity of course.
  8. Actually after finding there is nothing on TV and the fact that I'm not drunk yet, surely the point of impact will be the same because you adjust the range setting?
  9. Thought it went all the way to the top :)

    Well our local bobbies do as its a close nit community
  10. not if you have iron sights
  11. Well that's just been pedantic now :)
  12. it's Saturday night go out and get laid........
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  13. But I've no where else to go! :(
  14. But also why I wanted to know - I was helping some cadets prepare for a shooting competition where they were shooting at both 100 and 300, not being an Iron sight user (or a competition shot!) myself I was looking for how much they should aim off or adjust their sights between shoots.
  15. Sorry for taking the piss, my lad is in the Army Cadets and would join the Regs yesterday if he was old enough. I can't answer your question but for me it was all a matter of practice, putting in a tight group and zeroing. Ive never relied on data (rightly or wrongly) but just what felt right if that makes any sense.

    Monday tomorrow hopefully some PSI will be about to have the data to hand for you