SA Townships rebel against corrupt ANC

Finally, the people of SA are expressing their disgust at the corruption and incompetence of the ANC government.

The only way to ensure Africa's success is to remove corruption and prevent cronyism. In comparison with todays ANC govt, it looks like the former government wasn't as bad as it was made out to be (excluding apartheid)

Riot police patrol the streets, mobs have burned down the homes of local councillors and government offices lie wrecked and abandoned.

The streets of Khutsong township, strewn with broken glass and burnt tyres, bear vivid witness to the revolt against the African National Congress that is sweeping its former strongholds.

The movement that liberated South Africa from apartheid could once rely on the automatic support of places like Khutsong. About 90 per cent of thepeople would vote for the ANC.

Yet scarcely anyone from Khutsong voted in local elections yesterday. For the first time since apartheid's demise, the ANC was unable to campaign or win more than negligible support in a township of 170,000 people.

Instead Khutsong boycotted the polls and forcibly prevented the ANC from campaigning, turning their streets into a party "no-go" area.

The root cause is the incompetence and corruption of ANC-run councils across South Africa. Officials steal money set aside for the poor, corrupt mayors stuff municipal posts with relatives, and services and housing are neglected.

On the fringes of Khutsong thousands live in shacks of cardboard and corrugated iron. In all, 12 million South Africans, more than one quarter of the population, still live in shacks rather than houses.

"The government can go to hell as far as we are concerned," said one 25-year-old resident, who turned his anger on President Thabo Mbeki. "Even Mbeki is not welcome here. It's too late for the president to come here. His car will be pelted with stones."

The spark for the revolt was the decision to redraw provincial boundaries, moving Khutsong from Gauteng province, South Africa's richest, to North West, one of its poorest.
I was going to try to climb on the moral high ground about African Corruption and Cronyism then I remembered what kind of government we have here.
Trouble is that, despite the protests, the ANC will still get in. People have not been voting for anyone else, just boycotting the elections altogether. Informed opinion is that SA will go the same way as Zimbabwe eventually
Jabber said:
Trouble is that, despite the protests, the ANC will still get in. People have not been voting for anyone else, just boycotting the elections altogether. Informed opinion is that SA will go the same way as Zimbabwe eventually
Sounds strangely familiar, doesn't it? :lol:


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Every time a country in sub-Saharan Africa has gained majority rule it has gone, for a certain amount of time at least, pear shaped.

China, North Korea and the USSR have all played their part in supplying wpns and terr trg (free) to whichever faction would best suit their aims.

But the greatest problem has been the bleeding hearts of the west, happily enconced in their well appointed Islington (or equivalent,) mansions, the champagne socialists have stirred up the western media to draw attention to The Struggle.
These cretins have never been to the places they spend their Saturday mornings 'liberating' and have no knowledge of the people and countries they're so Hell bent on destroying aside from the leafets printed by the terrs themselves.

Don't get me wrong, Apartheid caused many more problems than it solved and I wasn't in favour of that system, but other countries without a race based governmental system were sold down the river by these self-important clowns too.
Bigotry is rife amongst the people they put in power, but it goes under the name of tribalism rather than racism.
Then the politicos spout on about how "Africa is different" - wait up, they 'needed' Western Democracy when you were campaigning, you can't have it both ways.

"It'll be different this time" has always been the weak comment from the liberal clowns who have never been further south than St. Moritz.

Well now there's nowhere left for you to destroy what will your next move be ?

Your "It'll be different this time" has been shown to be utter pie-in-the-sky fantasy.
Poverty, torture and muita morte has always been the result of your moronic social experiments.
I hope you reflect on the agonising deaths you have caused for the rest of your days, and when your time comes your souls are tormented for eternity.
Ah fer chrissakes. Always a bunch of sneering sods waiting to rub their hands and say "we knew it", aren't there?
Khutsong is a cross-border municipality, one of a series of anomalies left over from the re-division of the provinces. They should have been tidied up years ago. Now, the government has made a public relations shambles of it, acting with 'we know what's best for yo, so shut up" arrogance. However, it probably has to be done. At least the government has admitted that it was handled badly - or some of 'em have, while others bluster.
The people there feel unconsulted, but they also have unfounded fears - like thinking that they'll have to go to Mafokeng to pick up their pensions. That, and everyone wants to be in Gauteng.
Does the ANC have autocratic tendencies? You betcha, they don't get my vote. It's the arrogance that comes with an unassailable majority.
But what's this about the old government being better run? For most of the 20th century - and including the pre-Apartheid Union and British rule, by the way - South Africa had governments that were dedicated to making life comfortable for whites. This was to be achieved, not by ignoring the majority, but by actively exploiting them to make that wealth. A tiny elite made rich on the backs of the people? Sounds like every other African country to me. Outside of the best suburbs, where are the roads? Where are the water lines? Why is most of South Africa still stuck with third world infrastructure after so much competent rule?

So, the previous government provided no services, education or - anything, really - to most people. Given that, it should have been easy to make the minority of whites they DID care about filthy rich, but they couldn't even achieve that. White poverty was never eliminated. Even when Civil Service jobs could be handed out like welfare benefits, there were plenty who were too useless for that. Some things haven't changed, it seems.
Now the new government has to share the pie among everyone, and the old elite -particularly the expats - are whining. Poor darlings.

Ah, you say, but at least they weren't corrupt. My arrse. Never mind the billions spent developing six nuclear paperweights that had no realistic target to be used on and no viable method of delivery while the real balance of military power began to shift in the air over Angola. Lets talk about theft. The lifestyles of the political elite were legendary. Millions got diverted to private ranches and private parties and private luxury - at the expense of the public purse. Any journalist who lived here back then knew that. They just couldn't write about it, on pain of pain.
The previous government may have seemed alright if you lived in Sandton; it was a corrupt, money-grabbing racket in the eyes of most of the people who were subjected to it.
Cutaway said:
China, North Korea and the USSR have all played their part in supplying wpns and terr trg (free) to whichever faction would best suit their aims.
Of course, we in the West are squeaky clean in that department, aren't we? :wink:

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