SA Police do Bloody Thursday with Automatic Rifles, on Automatic

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by bokkatankie, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. I read they were armed with machetes, if that is the case no wonder they were brassed up.
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  2. They charged the police lines whilst armed with machetes.

    If I'd been one of those coppers I'd have deployed nuclear weapons if available, never mind high velocity rounds.
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  3. Armed striking miners will fall when hit,

    Watch and shoot, WATCH AND SHOOT.
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  4. Thats Ok then, I thought there may be some sympathy for the miners!

    Sadly the shooting was terrible, when you get to see the footage, dreadful shooting and awful fire control.
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  5. Lots of Machettes in this one:

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  6. Bit shocking, but fully justified. The coppers must have been bricking it, couldn't see them acting in any other way.
    Gets more like Zimbabwe every day.
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  7. "Careful, pot that chap somebody. Good fellow".
  8. According to the news earlier on, not only were they tooled up with various sharp or heavy instruments there's also been killings of people from rival unions as well as the murders of 'scab' labour and police during the strike.

    Personally if I'd been a copper facing that I'd probably still be firing into the crowd now (with aimed shots, natch).
  9. Never justified to use automatic weapons on a crowd, seems to be 2 sets of standards here but what the hell they are only niggers!

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  10. I can't see a problem myself.

    The police were there in force because the miners were hacking each other up, had murdered security guards and a couple of cops as well in the last few days. While the marksmanship on those video's is shoddy I must say I'd probably have gone cyclic with a few dozen fellas with pointy things surging at me, especially seeing how close they were.
  11. You're the only one that's mentioned niggers.

    They could be polka dotted and I'd have shot them if they came at me.
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  12. The way the miners suddenly charged and from that proximity I don't think single aimed shots would be the order of the day.
    Maybe a civilised "Rourkes Drift" defence might have been more appropriate? There were 3000 miners there, did they know how many were on the charge?
    All the cops weren't giving it large anyway.

    And did you see the state of those berets?
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  13. Tend to agree but you do have to wonder at the poor deployment that allowed it to happen, if your last line of defence in a riot is your first line and that is a line of men with automatic rifles something has gone badly wrong.

    More than 10 people, including police have been murderd in the last few days in this dispute, the police today, called this their D-Day.

    Interesting that on local news they cover it then move onto Zuma in Zimbabwe, trying to solve those problems!

    Am a litle upset by it all but as many on here have said, TIA!