sa 80 bayonet

I thought it was a company in Northampton called "Nick-nacks for the Truly Gullible." :?
There's no way they were ever made by anyone who had the right to stamp "Made in Sheffield" on things.
:roll/hay chicks,and,chumps,help us out here got 30 of thease d,m,f,ers,no dam catch on any,gota get the bits then i can flog em on ebay hush,hush dont tell the boss,scasterd knows me, sixfoot knows who s got the bits but wont tell me daaaaaaaaahhhhererererere tell me tell me tellllllllllllll me ,if you do,ill put you on my profit sceam,or scam,,time to slither back in das bunker,any real offers,welcome,no hot gear please,iv lost my gloves again,ps , sixfoot,are you still doing discount on the rubber perv suits,what ya like,nos da,

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