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s95 genuine and s95 pattern...

HI all, not a big deal, but how can you tell the difference between the genuine MOD made s95 clothing, and the s95 pattern clothing which is almost half the price!!

Can you tell through the label, or are they different in looks at all?? For example how would i tell if my s95 shirt was genuine or a cheap imitation?
Be careful of NSN numbers, Webtex and "0thers" put in a NSN Number that is the same as the issue types, so you would never know via the NSN Number.

Normally clothing that is half the price, is made by Thatchreed (Webtex/Viper) or Highlander.

Ebay is a good place to get issue stuff, or go via Field Textiles, go for grade 3/4 then exchange it :)

The other thing to look for is the little dots you get around Issue DPM pattern, no dots mean its not issue, but having dots dosn't mean its not a fake!

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