S95 Clothing system

Are there any posters/publications that show in detail what the S95 Clothing system consists of, and what its optional items are?

I am trying to place a large order wth Field Textiles to equip several Air Cadet units, but the cadets have little concept of what is available or what they want.

They all want the usual smock, but option such as fleeces, norgies, gloves, goretex etc, seem to confuse them.

Any helpful stores info greatly appreciated.

There is a poster with the CS95 layer system on it in cartoon format [!]. It goes from thermal undies through to Gary Goretex if I recall. Give the clothing stores of your nearest defence establishment a call-- I'm sure they'd send you one if you explain who you are. I last saw one on the wall at RAF Leeming Clothing Stores.

Cheers, Dave
This won't help much but there was a poster that displayed the layer system of CS 95.

Anyone remember seeing this?


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IIRC that cartoon was from an issue of KIT Magazine,try contacting them for a reprint.
A lot of articles from kit are available as posters.
That place in Wales LLangerich(Spelling?) should do prints

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Jimima -- if you aren't a lass.....apologies!!! :oops:
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