s4c - THE MARK OF CAIN - have you seen anything so offensive

I may be pissed this saturday evening - but i have never been so offended as when i turned the goggle box on and saw this shiite....anybody else seen it??
See about 6 other threads.

It's pi55-poor bollox.

But maybe "it may show soldiers what not to turn into", as Libby Purves wrote in The Times.

Now Biscuits_AB will magically appear, with his Buckfast, dog and thesis . . .

"Whence is that goodly fragrance?"
To call it sh1te would be an insult...to sh1te.

Made Ultimate Farce look like a documentary. By John Pilger.
Ok, I know I'm guilty of starting a thread too, but come on, how many do we need? Dude, search...
What is really offensive is the fit of the "star"'s No2 dress...
I for one am profoundly grateful to the producers of this programme.

After only two minutes I decided there had to be something better to do, and went down the pub instead. Backed by the local drunk, I proceeded to lay down a screen of really fine pints, and am now home, happy, fat, farting and merrily confused. Instead of watching a programme about squaddies.

Several good pints? Or some arrseflap's controversial impression of life in green and dusty?

You be the judge.

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