You can tell I'm in my last tour from this question:
Can someone please clarify whether we in the Army are eligible for the state second pension, what used to be the old SERPS before new labour gave it a trendy buzzword and renamed it the state second pension or S2P?
The reason I ask is that I have recently been told by a pay chappie that Army service does not qualify, because we already receive an Army pension, which is non-contributary. However, I also remember about ten years ago having to sign something from the Pay Office related to pensions, over whether I wanted to opt out or not. The advice at the time was to remain in the current scheme. Alright, I was younger and dafter in those days, and definitely drank more, but I could have swore it related to S2P.

Is S2P not related to NI contributions? If so, there must be millions of people out there with private pension schemes who will also receive S2P, and who pay broadly similar NI contributions to the average squaddie. If the Armed Forces do not qualify, logic dictates that we should therefore pay reduced NI contributions. I am also aware that the value of our pension scheme is taken into account when they calculate pay in comparison to our civilian counterparts, so is it really non-contributary in the true sense?
I seriously hope that I have been given incorrect information here, so please someone, put me out of my misery.

Apologies if this has already been dealt with, I only checked the first few pages of this forum.

No you do not get S2P or as it was SERPS. This is because AFPS is a contracted-out scheme and it is "contributory", when the AFPRB sets our pay, they deduct a %age (currently 7%) to reflect the benefits of AFPS.
Thanks for clearing that up Paymaster.

It still seems a bit unfair to me (see my previous argumetns above), but I don't suppose there's much that any of us can do to change things.

Slightly Nasty walks away grumbling to himself, off to count the pennies in his whisky jar for the sixth time today

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