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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by kingdong, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Hi people,

    I'm looking to buy the S2000 NI Patrol Pack for my cousin ,oes anyone know of a reliable online retailer that could help me? I found a site called silvermans, but they are around £85 there. Is this the price i should be expecting to pay? If anyone else has any other recommendations for day sacks/ patrol packs (preferably in OG) then i am all ears.
  3. Yes my shop, i wish i had ordered some OG ones with all the requests i have had, maybe next time. You might be lucky with grade 1 surplus ones but i would avoid mail order with these as you need to check them over. Highlander have a copy
    http://www.highlander1.com/military/rucksacks/TT40C-TT-PATROL.html but i cannot comment on the quality as i haven't seen one close up yet.
    Arktis have the 1712 basic 35l pack that should be around the £60 range and in any colour / camo you require these seem to be good quality but the real test is to put some weight in it and see how long it lasts. Avoid web-tex at all costs.
  4. Softie rocket pack is a good basic day sac .Or the berghaus monro.
  5. Munro all the way.
  6. www.sofmilitary.co.uk

    have always sorted me out and are cheaper than most.
    Arktis make some good patrol packs especially the one which can zip on CS95 side pouches. The 35l jobby is good but a bit tall. Keeps pushing my helmet forward.
  7. A short list of packs,
    The First from Dropzone in Canada, 199 $CD
    DropZone light patrol pack

    Then their is Kifaru from the USA with the "Zulu" pack , you will need
    the GNP of a small country to buy one of these around 300 $US
    Zulu pack

    And then you could order a custom made "Digger 25" from me at Smamit
    for a lot less at around 75 pounds before shipping
    Digger Patrol pack

    Also their is the Munro from Berghaus

    All in all We all make good gear which will last for a long time
    Yours Adam ,Regiment 646
  8. I am leaning towards getting a Karrimor Sabre 45L. Does anyone have any feedback on this pack?
  9. I have a NI patrol sack (genuine not webtex) and I would like to extend it's size and usage by having a couple of extra pouches sewn on.
    My problem is that I have been out so long now I don't know what pouches would be suitable, if indeed the sack is suitable to do this to.
    The use it gets is mainly service rifle meetings (civilian) so the ability to find ammunition,magazines and water bottles easily is all that is required.
    The last webbing I was issued with was 58 Patt and not being a walt (well not a very big one!) I don't know what the current pouches are like.
    Any thoughts?
  10. what I reckon you need to consider attaching henry, is 1 or 2 PLCE Issue utility pouches & a PLCE Issue double ammo pouch (6 x SA80/M16 or 4 x G3 mags).
    you should be able to get these in good used condition from army surplus suppliers for around £8-£10 each or new for around £20 each.
    Try a local cobbler then for getting them attached to your daysack, but make sure you explain to him 100% what you want him to do & what straps not to remove & to stitch over or not as needed.
    alternatively you could contact jay-jays in brecon or the other place mentioned above that does custom kit mods and see if they will mod your existing daysack.
    the other bargin basement option is getting some surplus US Alice webbing ammo pouches. all you'll need do then is get some webbing meterial sewn on to you daysack in strips about a inch & a half wide (check the Alice attachment clips on the pouches for exact dimensions needed) & you can attach/detach the Alice pouches as need.
    Alice ammo pouches (take 3 M16/SA80 or 2 x G3 size mags) are plentfull for around £3 used good nick.
    Alice waterbottle holders are a little harder to find, around £6 - £10 quid.
    other pouches like larger butt packs are available, thou you need to search for these & you may have to get them new.
  11. Adam, i really like some of your 45ltr mountaineering pacs, they look the dogs danglies!

    can you give me a rough currency conversion for 750 - 850 Shekels?


  12. Henry, i have managed to attach a PLCE side pocket to the back of my NI pack using the daysack yoke link straps threaded through the loops running down the back of the pack,an extra 10 litres and easily removed without damaging the pack.
  13. Cokecan Hi , 750-850 Shekels is about 90-102 pounds
    Hope that helps