S2 wont upgrade firmware through Kies

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by panzerknacker, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Is anyone else having the same problem as I am trying to update my Galaxy S2 on Kies? I have the current version of Kies, each time I try to run the Firmware update the Kies disconnects itself from my phone and thus doesn't upgrade the Firmware. I'm about to shove my fist through the screen, anyone else had this problem that can suggest a fix?
  2. Kies is utter turdwater

    I had problems updating over network but one day it decided to play ball.
  3. Samsungs software is uber pants, neither my Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Galaxy S2 would connect to Kies via the cable. I could transfer files (very slowly) via the wifi network but that's about it.
  4. I bought it over a year ago on the knowledge that it would upgrade to the newer Android, it never did. The S2 is the worse phone I've ever had and after 4 years of giving android a chance I fear I'm going to the dark side, iOS :eek:

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  5. Kies is indeed pants. I have to turn on usb debugging to get phone seen as a device at all.

    The jelly bean update is not available in the uk yet but has just been released in Spain.

    Should hit uk in next few weeks and you will be able to update by going into about phone and doing an over the air update.
  6. I'm still on Gingerbread, I've been trying to update to ICS.

    Technology? Witchcraft more like.

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  7. It's probably best just to switch to a phone that is developed and gives you a better service. If I buy a new car I want to go back to the manufacturer for repairs and service, not some guy in a backstreet garage wielding a drill offering low mileage.

    One good thing I will say about the S2, it bounces very well.

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  8. I updated my original S2 to ICS and it slowed the thing down massively. This phone got nicked and my replacement I kept at Gingerbread. No dramas again and speedy everything.

    I explained all this to a techno (young person) geek who told me the S2 just isn't powerful enough to take the upgrades. Unless i hear good things about Jellybean for the S2 I am not going to bother.
  9. The last time I had massive dramas it turned out I hadn't checked the allow unknown apps option in the menu. I still agree kies is utter pump though!

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  10. Interesting thread ... as I said on another thread a few weeks ago I am a " Smartphone Virgin " having bought my first such phone , a Samsung Galaxy , this year . I downloaded the Kies Software to enable me to sync to Microsoft Outlook and transfer / import Word, Excel and other Microsoft files including video clips ... everything seems to work ... I was prompted and tempted to update firmware ... fortunately I did not and now will not go down that route ... I am happy with what I have .
  11. fu2

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    I had the same problem but I can`t remember how I solved It. Klies would not recognize the S2 driver. I know that once I had Jelly bean I could update direckt without Klies
  12. Do you have JB on your S2?

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  13. Guns

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    Never had a problem like this with any of my iPhones.