S10 supply problems

Can anybody help me I have a problem with the S10 gas mask ive been told, by a NBC instructor to get a half size Respirator and my normal supply chain is unable to help is there anybody out there with any information. This has only come about as my present size 1 keeps failing the RTS. 8O
Is this a wind-up or a Waaaah?

A certain Armoured Div tested everyone's S10s (well those that were there on time) and had a problem 'cos the new test said that a lot didn't fit. After a few weeks out there none of them would pass the new test 'cos everyone lost so much weight. Hmmmm!
msr i assure you this is not a wind up having spent 2 days trying to past the test including changing from a size 1 to a size 2 and back again, then fitting new valves and clips to the one from my QM's because they were out of date, and seeing the NBC instructors face as it kept failing.
Then being told i need a half size. :evil:



They don't come in half sizes. Whole sizes 1-4 only.

Someone's winding you up mate. Did they also tell you to ask for DPM paint and a left handed spanner?

scaryspice said:
Did they also tell you to ask for DPM paint
make sure you don't paint it on sticky side up...

If you go to the QMs, you can get hold of a Long Weight. Attach it to your respirator and wait out. Should stretch it to gain the extra 1/2 size!
Got a boll0cking once when I got sent for a long stand. I thought it was a wind up and went down to the Naafi. Got back 1/2 hour later and told the boss I'd got the long stand - turned out it was for real! :oops:
To all you piss takers out there,just to let you know you can get a respirator in half sizes and its called the FM12 and is quoted in the DCI regarding the RTS the FM12 size 1 is half way between S10 1-2.

:lol: so goes to show what a bit of digging turned up

An FM12 is not the same respirator as the S10.

Design is similar but not identical - be sure you get the right canister if you get the FM12. Reason the FM12 may fit you better is it only comes in three sizes, so there is no really small size and the sizes tend to fit between the S10 sizes.

Be careful that spares are interchangeable (I'n not sure but can find out if you want)

Only problem might be if you were in the sand box and needed to get a spare FM12 in a hurry - not sure the supply chain would cough up!

Yes, the FM12 is the way ahead. Hopefully it will come on mainline issue, but so far you'll only get one if you have a spazzy face or are "special".

Should arrive in approx 6 weeks once the demand is in.

OOOOO, I like a bit of rubber me!

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