S10 mask - best place to buy?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tankred, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. Being new to this forum I was wondering if one of you could help me with my problem.

    I was lookin to buy a S10 mask and wanted to know if all the masks on the market are used or if I could buy one in brand new condition? And where I can find a good webshop to buy it?

    thx for your help, since I'm not from the UK and don't know much about your military shops.
  2. Why? What do you need it for?
    You can tell me I'm a nosey barsteward
  3. Loads on ebay. Cheap as chips.
  4. Sex games.
  5. very true
  6. It's not the mask you need to worry about, where are you going to get the filters?
  7. That's my chance to unload a pile of NBC crap out the window then.
  8. "As used by the SAS..."

    aaaaaand gone.
  9. "Yeah luv, here's all me old kit from when I was in the army and whatnot, I used this deep rectangular silver metal thing to kill loads of ragheads."
  10. ACC?
  11. You are an airsofter, arent you?

    The filter is foil wrapped for minty freshness. I don't know what colour it is but I'd be very surprised if it was fuchsia or burnt orange!

    I think it will be black. Like all the others... :roll:
  12. Location 'Germany', eh? Stand by for another school massacre in a few days.