S10 mask - best place to buy?

Being new to this forum I was wondering if one of you could help me with my problem.

I was lookin to buy a S10 mask and wanted to know if all the masks on the market are used or if I could buy one in brand new condition? And where I can find a good webshop to buy it?

thx for your help, since I'm not from the UK and don't know much about your military shops.
muzungu_marlow said:
"Yeah luv, here's all me old kit from when I was in the army and whatnot, I used this deep rectangular silver metal thing to kill loads of ragheads."
Tankred said:
walt_of_the_walts said:
Brand new and unissued with instructions


Filter Canister +£6.00

But why are you wanting one? Know something the rest of us don't?
Looks good. I read that there is a black version of filters for the S10. Can they be bought too?
You are an airsofter, arent you?

The filter is foil wrapped for minty freshness. I don't know what colour it is but I'd be very surprised if it was fuchsia or burnt orange!

I think it will be black. Like all the others... :roll:


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Mag_to_grid said:
Think he is after the Sf10 lenses for that "1st on the balcony" look
I've got some of them.

I look ally as fcuk once a year in the CS chamber.
Mag_to_grid said:
Think he is after the Sf10 lenses for that "1st on the balcony" look
Except that the first man and all the others were wearing the old S6 :) And the old noddy suit seperate hoods - hardly fire retardant. At least on the Princes Gate balcony. There may have been other balconies in other places.

Methinks the first post was a WAH as who in their right mind would ask such a question on such a mercilessly pi$$-taking website such as ARRSE ? :D


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