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Hey all, am ex regular infantry in civi street. Anyone know the deal with short term contracts and the conditions + who to talk to, I understand there a route through the TA to mobilisations and S-types, could u S-type through an AFCO? As a trained infantry could I then bypass all training and go straight to a unit? What are the conditions/times scales, do u just do your ITD's again? Also if I wanted to go into a trade like REME or INT corp would they then take me on S-type and id go straight into corp phase 2 trade training?

As you can see there is an unclear level of knowledge here. Anyone who knows the system please tell me the score...

The best people to answer these questions would be

1) Your local AFCO and
2) Your local TAC.

Tabber, I`m also interest and would like to find out more, have you had any luck?
This scheme was introduced in August 1998 as a way of allowing non-transitional members of the Reserve Forces to serve with the Regular army, under Section 24 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996. The aim is to encourage reservists to voluntarily enter into a full-time service commitment in which they undertake to serve on a full-time basis for a specified period of service. There are three types of commitment, namely:

Full Commitment (FC) which will allow an individual to serve world-wide and they would be expected to fulfil the duties commensurate with their rank and appointment in exactly the same fashion as their regular counterpart.

Limited Commitment (LC) which is rarely used but is designed for the individual who is posted to a regular Army unit or HQ, which is based at a single location. He or she is liable to be detached for up to 35 days in any one-year with periods of detachment not exceeding 21 days at any one time.

Finally, Home Commitment (HC) which involves working in one location with detached duties strictly limited to those set out in the commitment document.

Individuals are selected to fill an appointment by the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow and can expect to serve on FTRS for periods normally ranging from 6 moths to 42 months. Service is pension earning after 2 years service and individuals are paid basic rates of pay with varying percentages of the X factor, depending on the type of commitment.

In order to ensure individuals are properly prepared for FTRS, they are required to attend briefings on the scheme and undergo medical/dental examinations in a preliminary visit to the Reserves Training and Mobilisation Centre (RTMC) at Chilwell, Nottingham. In addition, all FTRS personnel will undergo a period of refresher training at the RTMC before they report to their FTRS unit. Similarly, all individuals will dismount through the RTMC before returning to their TA unit or the Regular Reserve at the end of their commitment.

Further details can be obtained from the unclassified document DCI (Army) 74/04.

FTRS (Full Commitment)

From Apr 05 there has been an easing of restrictions on the use of FTRS. Priority is being given to those posts critical to achieving key military capability - this means that FTRS opportunities are on the increase, with posts currently being offered for both Full Commitment (world-wide) and Home Commitment. All posts are advertised for at least a calendar month - for further details and the application process see the FTRS Job Vacancies (trawl) link at the top of this web page. The Job Vacancies (trawl) link is updated each Friday, and personnel seeking FTRS employment should visit this site frequently to ensure they gain visibility of the latest jobs available
Tabber, for some reason my thread on this has been locked, so I must have upset someone somewhere, anyway I`ve been able to find out the abaove, however, I was not able to open the link with the posts available on, if you have any luck, will you cut and paste it onto here for me so i can have a decko, at it? Cheers.

Read your PMs.

I`m not expert you understand, but I can`t help but think that the jobs on offer in the type of thing would be the less glamerous ones, like in the QM`s at Chilwell, or things along those lines. Can anyone put me straight?
mate, im banging my head against a brick wall with this one, no one knows a straight answser.

Everyone seems to say it is avaiable for member of the TA. Ive just left marines as infantry qualifed but not a trained rank so I think (not sure) the AFCO wouldn't give me one, have asked and got a "no, but let me check". If you have prior service on an open engagment within the skill set you wish to S-type to, I believe (depends if there bothered I recon) you can then S-tyep via AFCO. Other than that I think its via your TA unit.
Yes, I can see that making sense to be honest. Have you considered joining the TA, and doing it that way. If you`ve had prior experiance in the regs, then you should just be able to re cap badge, without having to do any training again, then you could try for an s type, I mean in the worst case, you`d have to go to Chilwell prior to joining your Regiment, and do the usual ITD`s, but thats not the end of the world. Good luck either way matey!!!!!
Aye mate, looking like the best option.

I would go onto an open engagment but its opening up a huge can of worms getting processed for that, its the navy-army communication, there's noone whos job it is to validate what level of training im at and noone in the army recruitment cycle whos job it is to ask.

Seems like the local TA inf were just happy to get someone turn up and said the'd just put us through the ITD's and bypass trg depending on the result of that.

gona have to access that link urself, its a big pdf of available postings. Ive seen that list before though, thats just whats published and its only a small percentage of those avaiable, the rest will be asked for from the TA units by the regular units.
I was looking into this today and its extremely complicated, having checked Recruiting instructions the S Type engagement is pretty much for all those over the maximum enlistment age and i quote ;)

The S Type engagement

0307. A period of service of 6 months or 1 to 12 years for applicants under paras 0204, 0207, 0208 who are above the age limit for enlistment on the Open engagement. It carries no Regular Army Reserve liability, but does have a long term Reserve commitment.

Clear as mud eh ;)

It makes no mention of moving across from the Navy side of life to the Army and as such i can only imagine that would be down to the fact that you would need to completely discharge from the Naval side of life first, just the same as any soldier that wants to transfer to the RM ?? (that might need more digging on).

However (and this is where a lot of people still get mixed up).

The Special S Type Engagement (TA only)

0309. This engagement is for a minimum term of 3 months up to a period of 1 year service with the possibility of an extension of no more than 6 months subject to MCM division authorisation.
That on the surface is the FTRS scheme, or so i would have thought, but Recruiting instructions are amended frequently and the page that i have quoted from there is dated 03, someone mentioned recently that FTRS replaced S type engagements etc and it is most definitely wrong ;)

(in fact i dealt with one today ;) ).

I would have thought that the ACIO/AFCO could have dealt with this if they had opened RI's and gone into the realms of raising an AFB203 for special enlistment authority but far be it from me to cast any doubt over their office practices, because RI's are not cut and dried and it may well be that they have found a specific paragraph that did not allow them to proceed.

I have to say without knowing all the relevant information (that you would give when applying) i couldnt say which route to take, maybe if you PM'd me i could take a deeper look at where you should be heading as its only a case of reading RI's for me :)

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