S typing quiery

Hey all, am ex regular infantry in civi street. Anyone know the deal with short term contracts and the conditions + who to talk to, I understand there a route through the TA to mobilisations and S-types, could u S-type through an AFCO? As a trained infantry could I then bypass all training and go straight to a unit? What are the conditions/times scales, do u just do your ITD's again? Also if I wanted to go into a trade like REME or INT corp would they then take me on S-type and id go straight into corp phase 2 trade training?

As you can see there is an unclear level of knowledge here. Anyone who knows the system please tell me the score...
cheers man, been out less than, i think two years is some sort of guideline.

You say look for a posting, i guessing from that, u cant just take an S-type, they are advertised somewhere? any idea if theres a central army wide unit/system that holds the infomation on what postings are avaiable, or is it a case of getting AFCO to go round phoning your desired unit and finding out if they have any openings?
^ I believe (and I stand to be corrected) that your local job center has vacancies for S-type on their books. Worth checking out.
I think the job centre refer you to AFCO but I am not 100% sure on that.

The site link there gives you some idea of what sort of thing you can be looking at however there is generally room for whatever you want to do but you might just not get a tour of somewhere, unless thats not what your looking for?
I'l check that out...

I'll refrase slightly, what Im basically after is a location (if there is one) where all the S-type postings in the army exist/advertised. Somewhere there must be a system where each unit sends infomation too, whenever a new post becomes avaiable, or maybe this isn't in existance?
and it mite be a case of me picking a unit that i want to Stype with, then getting the AFCO to phone up that unit and enquire as to wether there is vancancy?

in quicktime: i need to find out how you go about finding out; do you approach a unit and ask or is there a central database which stores listings of avaiable positions throughout the army?

Murky area this S-typing lark seems to be AFCO/TA's/ resettlment dept's/UPO's all seem to refer me elsewhere...
Pop into your local TAC and ask to look at the available list of positions. There is one, I've seen it.
i go to different TA units and ask to see what positions are avaiable with there reguler counter-parts for contract, then pick one and they will process the paper.

Im with ya.
find it strange you cant do that through your AFCO, you'd think they would have a list of openings for the local reg at least rather than going through local TAC's... fking army.mod.uk is useless as per just says goto AFCO, my local didnt have a clue, not there fault.


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