Apologies if this has been done before, had a search but couldn't find anything. How do you go about getting one? To be fair I don't know much about them, so I don't know if there's a list of LSN's or what have you.

So yes, if anyone can enlighten me further on what they are and how you go about getting one, that would be great!

Thanks again,

S type........now thats going years back............your that old?????
Aren't these now covered by FTRS? Search for the FTRS page on the main Army website and all will be revealed - or have I just missed something?
Its has been downscalled somewhat to do with our over streched commmitments to Afgan and Iraq. However there isn't a FTRS page any more its hidden in the MCM Divisions page, something to do with trying to bring regs and TA in line

Follow the link below and you will find what your looking for:

FTRS Opportunities

Click on the Link to Reserve Assignments Opportunities
I re-enlisted on an S Type. Normally given to people to old to complete 22 Engagement (Open Engagement). However with the introduction of Veng this might change.

I kept the same rank as when I left. Promotion is the same.

PM for details
Quick answer is express your interest to your PSAO and ask him to speak to the Adjutant or for yourself to see the Adjt. The Adjt and Training Major will have a list of the trawls going round from Regular Units looking for Soldiers. In the highly unlikely event they do not the Adjt can let MDM know you are interested.

Also, make sure you are readin Part 1 and Part 2 Orders as postings will often be adverised on these. You should be reading these anyway!!
a TA soldier doing an S Type is different from a re-enlistment where they are desperate for you to rejoin and give you a fat bounty to go with it. The TA soldier normally drops a rank & pay if he does an S Type - I know lads that this happened to - a shitty way to be treated by the Regs but they were the rules laid down by Manning & Records. Because of this not alot of TA soldiers ever applied for an S Type as they would lose out financially as well as with senioroty. That's why the rules changed in the late 90's and surprise surprise - numbers of volunteers went up over night (well, almost). Lets face it, a good proportion of TA soldiers have mortgages and families - how can you support both on a Privates pay?
I think that HC is the only thing that is close to the description of SC.CHEAT if your planning to take up a home commitment,make sure you stay ,practically on the door step of the unit you want to go to,you will probally end up paying the army for the privilege of working for them.your not entitled to sod all.
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