S-type engagements for a rejoiner

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mkorak, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have posted the same sort of question in the infantry section too so sorry for that, i figured it might be more appropraite in here.

    Can anyone enlighten me on s-type engagements. I am approaching 34 in 11 days which is why the army have offered me a s-type, they originally thought i was infact a year younger than i was (they got my DOB wrong) and had said yes to a full 22 year engagement then they realised the screw up, so they then said i would have to be a s-type. I am still awaiting to hear how long i will get offered as i realise it varies from 1 to 12 years, hopefully i will get a long one as they originally offered me a full 22.
    I have no reckonable previous service other than that as a recruit.

    Are there limitations to s-type engagements ? Will i be eligible for the same courses as everyone else, how does promotion work, will a guy on -s-type still get to do D&D's ?

    I understand there are age limitations on some things such as SRR, Pathfinders, UKSF etc are there also limits based on contract?

    will i as an s-type still be eligible to apply for these once i am eligible or indeed will i never be eligible ?

    I am not coming from the TA, the s-type engagement is purely because i am a rejoiner however as stated i have no reckonable previous service other than as a recruit.

    How will versatile engagement effect s-type contracts.

    cheers in advance guys.
  2. Only thing I know is that when there were the redundancies in the 90's, one guy on an S type in our Unit was discharged and got nothing - his friend who was the same rank / had the same length of service, but on a 22 year engagement got c£40k redundancy money.
  3. yeah im not bothered about the pension and stuff, i realise the army are a lw unto themselves and some get treated well others dont, thats fine.

    More concerned with if i will be limtited or not in anyway and if i will still be eligible for said courses.