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S-Type engagement

If he is on S type, he must belong to a unit... thus he must have a RCMO, RAO or RAWO to ask...

I think he can give about 30 days notice or less and leave almost straight away. I know at least one S type did that.
What about the Special S type? Was that what it was called for the TA chappies...

There was deffo a SSgt who NTTTd as a S type (ex ta so Special S?) in 2007/8. Unless she was somesort of different engagment.

Definitly flash to bang inside of a month, and no admin dramas. Amicable split. She got a better offer in civvie strasse.
4 usernames and only 2 computers between the two of you ! Do you realise vannnnmannnnnnnnnnn that you are conversing with DR Jeckyll and his mates???

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