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Can anyone please tell me where I stand in regards of an S type engagement? Every time I ask about this I keep getting told completely different answers. Basically can I either change to an Open Engagement or can I continue to serve until the 22 year point with the S Type? Somebody out there must have the ds solution!
It is up to your MCM Div (or Colour Service Section - can't remember which) at Glasgow to offer you a new engagement. Nobody at unit level has the authority to offer you a new contract without reference to them.
That partly answers the question, but can I change to an open engagement and enjoy the benefits that everybody else enjoys such as re-engagement bounties and REN leave? Having already served 10.5 years I do think I am entitled to this.
There is no DS Solution to the question. The type of engagement an individual will be offered is a decision for MCM Divs alone. Each case is looked at individually and a decision taken based on the merits of that particular case.

I am afraid the best advice you are likely to get is to submit a request to your MCM Div and ask them to make a judgment.

Not much use I am afraid - but hopefully they will give you an answer.
I was put on a 9 year s type engagement when i joined in 90 by mistake, when the clerk at my first posting saw it he tried to help me get it changed but was told it couldnt be changed and that was it. when my 9 years came up nothing civ div and with recomendations for promo and exemp career and try and get any help after leaving feels like im something to be scraped off a shoe when i spoke to them. all they care about is saving money, no honour no loyalty no ethics

sorry for the rant taxi ...
I know this is an old topic, however I really did not know where else to put it. Can anyone throw any light onto the S type engagement. I am TA (10 years) and been going down the FTRS route. However after a chance conversation with a RCMO he has advised the S type. I am kind of being given the run around, told to contact the ACIO then they told me to contact Glasgow who then told me to contact the ACIO who then told me to contact my TA unit. Anyone have any information?
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