I am soon to rejoin the regular Army, and have been reliably informed that I will be re-enlisting under an S-Type engagement. What exactly is this and what are its advantages and or disadvantages? Thanks in advance!!


Not an expert - but an S Type engagement is for a finite period of time (between 6 months-12 years I think). This may be insufficient to let you reach your immediate pension point, and there is no automatic entitlement to serve beyond the end date of the engagement.

I have dealt with some people on S Types that have converted their engagement to allow them continued service beyond their S Type, but also some that have applied and been refused.

I am not too sure whether your pension will continue on AFPS75 (the old scheme), or whether your S Type service will be under AFPS05 (new scheme). You should clarify that point before you sign!


S-Type Engagement is for a 3 years contract, but all depends on your age you could revert to a full engagement.


When you re-enlist on an S (Short) type engagement they will send you an offer of contract letter specifying the length of the engagement, your seniority, Corps/Arm and seniority date. The S Type gives you virtually all the same benefits that a soldier on a regular engagement gets. Currently the Veng rules for S Type haven't been written however. You can't sign off during the 3 years but you have the right to PVR - least that's what it says in my contract. However getting clarification on any point has been something of a drama as the unhelpful reply was as per your offer letter when I asked for an explanation of what was meant. Hope that helps but like signing for anything try and pin down what you need to know and if you do sign live with what you wren't expecting. As they say if you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined :)


I have been on S type since my 12 year point. I have signed in the past 2 three year ones, a four year one which would then complete my 22 and i have also signed another 2 year on to see me through to 24. I was told that at 21 years or more i could still sign off and receive immediate pension just like the V-Eng people. We shall see hey. I was also told that by the time i get to 23 years they will know the score with long career and how to move over to that if it exists at that point.
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